Cinnamon in the Morning

When I woke up this morning, I slowly got out of bed (because I am not a morning person) and went downstairs. The next thing I know, I find Cinnamon laid out all over the couch upside down in the living room. She was out cold! She looked so funny lying next to my Hobbit book. I guess she really likes books, like me haha. Then, I said, “Hi Cinnamon! Good morning baby!”



An instant later, she woke up and stared at me with this funny look on her face as I gave her head rubs. Then, she wagged her cute, stubby tail really fast.

It’s funny because she does this all the time. I was in college as an English major a little while ago and she would sleep on top of my books all the time and use them as pillows while I studied on the couch. She’s so cute!


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