Cinnamon vs. Cheese

Cinnamon was sleeping on the couch when suddenly she heard something in the kitchen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She darted over to see what it was and sure enough it was my sister getting cheese out of the fridge.

She knew it was cheese, just by the sound of my sister opening the drawer in the fridge. Then, my sister said, “I have cheese!” and Cinnamon was right there in front of her sitting down already staring at her, waiting for her to get the piece of cheese.


Finally, my sister gave her a tiny piece, but Cinnamon refused to eat it because she didn’t like how that piece tasted. So, she sat there, sniffed it, and looked back up at her begging for a better piece with her cute puppy-dog eyes. My sister gave in and gave her another one. By then, Cinnamon ran off happy into the living room to eat her piece of cheese. It’s hilarious because she does this every day!


2 thoughts on “Cinnamon vs. Cheese

  1. How sad! I’m so sorry for your loss Gena!! I know what you mean. If Cinnamon died it would be hard for me to get another dog too! You get so attached to them. They’re like family.


  2. Hi,
    Your Aunt Laura let me know you had started a blog about Cinnamin. How fun! I love your sweet puppy🐾 she does look very soft. Ive only gone very short periods of time without a dog. In fact, my son has only been without a dog 6 months. After our black lab mix, Hanson died we all found it very hard to look for another


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