Cinnamon Barking: Watch Out!

Tonight while I was watching TV, Cinnamon started barking. I looked around the house and couldn’t see her anywhere. I was wondering where she went. Then, I realized she was in the kitchen looking out the window, underneath our drapes! haha. So I was like, “Cinnamon what are you doing in there? Get out!” She wouldn’t listen to me, but she did come out a few minutes later  feeling all tense and going towards the door in anger, growling. It was so funny! Her growl was hilarious and her bark made me jump! Right after that, I looked outside and she was barking at a tall guy walking by our house.

Cinnamon does this all the time.  She usuallOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAy barks at men, not women.  I guess she really didn’t like that guy. Also, when she barks she really goes for it! She has this loud, mean bark! It’s funny cus it always makes me jump when she does that and while looking at her, you wouldn’t ever think she would bark like that in the first place. She looks so sweet and cuddly, but watch out because if you get in her way or if she is angry at you, it’s all over. When she protects us she really protects us! haha But she’s harmless, she wouldn’t hurt a fly.