Cinnamon’s Car Ride Adventure

¬†For dinner tonight my sister and I wanted to order some pizza, so we paid for it online and we decided to pick it up at Domino’s close by. Then, when we got up and started leaving, Cinnamon jumped up on the couch and gave us this funny look on her face, like she wanted to come too. It was funny cus she was right in between both of our labtops just staring at us.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, my sister and I said, “Hey Cinnamon wanna come with us baby? Let’s go!!” The second after my sister and I said that she got all excited and ran down onto the floor. She knew we were gonna go on a car ride! haha. Cinnamon was so happy that she was running around, waggling her cute little stubby tail.

Finally, Cinnamon was ready to go, waiting for the moment when she’d be able to nudge the door open and then, she got her chance when my sister and I opened the door. By then, she was already half-way outside trying to run as fast as she could, like a jackrabbit, heading straight for my car. She pulled me so hard I could barely hold onto her leash! When we got to my car, she jumped inside quickly and somehow ended up on my lap, so I said, “Wait Cinnamon! You can’t sit here I’m driving, you silly nutball!” Sure enough, Cinnamon had been sitting right in front of me and I couldn’t drive at all, so I finally got her to sit on my sister’s lap instead. Then, we were on our way.


It’s funny cus she loves going on car rides, even when we just take her to a place like Dominoes and have her wait in the car. She loves looking out the window, barking at random people walking by outside, and hanging out with my sister and I. It’s fun!