Cinnamon on a walk: Yikes!

Earlier, I tried taking Cinnamon on a nice lovely walk outside on a nice summer’s day, but no! She would not walk with me at all. She walked about two minutes outside, went down our street, and then she planted her feet and butt into the ground and it was all over. By that point, I was like,  “No what are you doing?” Then, she stayed there and wouldn’t budge for anything! I kept pulling her and trying to get her to movOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAe, but man once she does that she will not move. It may seem easy to get a small dog like Cinnamon out of that mess, but she is a lot stronger than she looks, haha.

I finally took her back inside and she didn’t even pee or poo or anything. Then, later I it was funny because I decided to take out some doggy treats to give to Cinnamon on our walk so she’d go outside with me. Sure enough my plan worked because the instant I opened that dog of treats Cinnamon was right by my side begging me for some snacks. After that, I had some in my pocket on our walk and she finally went on the walk with me. No problems at all! haha. Funny how a little snack can get you going huh?