Cinnamon in the middle of the night

In the middle of the night last night I was having a weird dream. Then, out of nowhere I woke up, looked at my phone and found out it was 3 am!  After that, I was trying to go back to sleep, but suddenly, I heard this really strange noise. I had no idea what it  was, but then I had a feeling it was Cinnamon. Sure enough I flashed my phone down at her so I could see what she was doing and she had been biting furiously at her feet like it was a chicken bone.  Then I whispered, “Cinnamon Stop it! Stop!”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The instant I said that, she stopped and stared at me with this funny look on her face and I said, “Go back to sleep!” So, by then she put her head down to sleep in her little doggy bed next to mine, I turned off my phone, and I finally tried going back to sleep again, but the second I turned off my phone and started falling asleep again, she was making that strange noise again. Of course!

Then, I was thinking oh no I’m never gonna get back to sleep am I? haha. So, I did it again. I flashed my phone on her with the light and the second I did that, she stopped again and stared at me. It was hilarious! By then, I told her to stop biting her feet again and I put a soft red blanket over her feet so she’d stop and it actually worked!

After that, my head hit the pillow and right before I fell asleep, Cinnamon was snoring haha. Funny how these things always seem to happen while we’re trying to sleep!