Cinnamon vs. Two Cats

Earlier today, my sister and I went on a long walk with Cinnamon.  It was very far, very hot and humid. Cinnamon took us to this new place where the street name is called Molokai and Oahu, haha. At first, she was pulling us up a very steep hill, but my sister and I didn’t want to do that. No way! So, we steered her off into a different direction by these cute blue houses.We actually ended up having a pretty good walk, until we started getting closer to our house. Then it got interesting!!

We were walking along when suddenly we see out of the corner of our eyes a big black striped cat up ahead. Cinnamon didn’t even see it, but the cat saw her and the cat would not budge from that spot! It just sat there and stared at us. So, my sister and I acted quickly.We knew that if Cinnamon saw that cat, it would be over. She would bark like crazy and try to attack it. So, I gently picked her up and held her in my arms and had her facing the other direction so she couldn’t see the cat. And guess what?! It worked!! haha She did not see that cat for one second and we got by smoothly. My sister and I were happy!

Then, we put Cinnamon down on the floor again thinking everything was ok, but things just got worse because out of nowhere right as we walking past my car, Cinnamon dashed underneath my car as fast as she could. She was attacking something! Sure enough, she had been going under there to attack a different cat!! Of course. It had been this random cat that has been sleeping underneath my car everyday. I guess this was bound to happen someday right?

After that long walk, Cinnamon darted back inside to see my mom and then she ran into her spot way in the back of our table in the kitchen and took a long cat nap. She was pooped out after that walk!! I was too let me tell ya!