Cinnamon & The Pesky Fly

My family and I were eating dinner in the kitchen tonight, when suddenly Cinnamon comes running under the table. She stayed there and didn’t move. I thought it was weird because she never does that, ever! She usually comes by me and my sister and mom begging for food, but not this time.  She looked scared out of her mind! Then, my sister said that there was a huge fly flying around the kitchen. It was funny because Cinnamon was so afraid of it that she wouldn’t budge. She just sat there and moved her head around trying to find it.

Then, a few minutes later I hear my sister saying, “Ow!” and then I started laughing because Cinnamon darted over to my sister’s legs and went right underneath them. By then, I was wondering what on earth she was so afraid of? The fly was so small and it was only hovering over us a little, but she still kept worrying about it. I kept telling Cinnamon that its ok, but she was still freaking out. It’s funny because the fly doesn’t even come near her, it stays up towards the ceiling and flies around, but she still doesn’t like them.

I felt bad for Cinnamon, so I called her over to me and the next thing I know she is glued right next to my chair, just sitting there eyeballing that fly and waiting to pounce on it like a lion. It was funny because it was like Cinnamon was hiding underneath the tablecloth to stay away from the fly.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I thought Cinnamon would never move from that spot. I tried everything to reassure her that it was ok, but she still wouldn’t move. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat all changed though when my mom called out Cinnamon’s name from the living room really loud. haha By that time, Cinnamon ran as fast as she could to my mom and she’s been sitting there ever since! She was finally happy again getting cuddles from my mom though, even though she was still waiting to get that fly…  I wonder if she will ever catch it… I guess that’s another story isn’t it?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA