Where is Cinnamon?

Last night, I was hanging out with my sister watching a movie on TV. Then, it got pretty late, I was getting tired, so I decided to go to sleep. So, I did what I normally do. I turn off the lights, grab my phone, and go upstairs. I walked up pretty fast this time because I was really tired and I wanted to go to sleep soon, so I walked in my room and Cinnamon wasn’t there! It freaked me out because she usually runs upstairs before I even get there and stays in her doggy bed waiting for me.

When I saw she wasn’t there I started looking around upstairs and I couldn’t find her. Then, I started laughing because I realized that I had just seen Cinnamon walking into the downstairs bathroom a little earlier. So, I went downstairs, turned on the light in the bathroom, and I found her sitting in between my sister’s laundry bin and some towels my mom was gonna wash pretty soon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I found her I was so relieved! Man she took 5 years off my life with that one! haha I couldn’t stop laughing either! It was so funny because she looked like she was mad at me because I turned on the light and woke her up from her nap! I guess she really wanted to go to sleep. Anyways, then I said, “Ok, Cinnamon! Let’s go! Time for bed!” By then, she raced upstairs and ran in her little doggy bed.