Cinnamon & the Purple Fan

I had just gotten home from a short walk outside with Cinnamon and my sister, and I was sitting on the couch. It was so hot outside I thought I was gonna melt, so I was thinking of blasting the AC. However, right when I thought of doing that,  my sister decided to get her purple fan out of the kitchen. She started waving it back and forth in front of her face to feel a cool breeze as she came back into the living room.

Suddenly, Cinnamon freaked out! She jumped up, propped her feet on the ground, started shaking, and stared at my sister. Then, my sister started using it on Cinnamon and that was it, she left that spot in a hurry! She was so scared of it that she was trying to get into my spot on the couch! I was like Cinnamon there is no way you can fit in here with me. So, she jumped over my legs and got in my sister’s spot instead:


Guess I should’ve known she wouldn’t like that fan cus whenever someone blows on her face or on the top of her head, she hates it. Her ears will start twitching and she’ll give you the death stare.  My sister has never really used that fan too much, so Cinnamon probably doesn’t even know what it is in the first place. She was like ah it’s attacking me! Run!

So, somehow she ended up next to me, in my sister’s spot on the couch, as fast as she could and curled up into a ball. She stuck her head in her legs and tried to hide away from it. Poor baby! She had no idea what was going on, but she didn’t want to stick around and find out.  My sister tried to show her the fan again and said, “It’s ok baby! The fan won’t hurt you!” Yeah, that did not work! She just dug herself farther and farther into the couch as she possibly could. I don’t know why she doesn’t like it though since it’s really hot in our house right now. I’m sweating like crazy!

Cinnamon didn’t even like it when my sister started using the fan on me either. haha She had this freaky look on her face like she was gonna pounce on the fan if my sister didn’t stop. I was like Cinnamon I’m hot! I need it! haha

Cinnamon vs. The Dark Brown Cocker Spaniel

Cinnamon and I went on a walk today and it looked like it was gonna rain, but it still felt extremely hot. Today’s walk was ten times better than yesterday. We went down a few streets and Cinnamon was going in slow motion. It was funny because she was going sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. I had no idea what she was sniffing, but she was hot on the trail for something. I sure hope it wasn’t a cat or a lizard. She loves chasing lizards. She will lunge at them if she has to.

As we made it around to the other side of the street, Cinnamon continued to sniff the grass, and then she found it! She found what she was looking for: four leaf clovers. Haha It was so random, I thought she was just gonna sniff them, but she ended up eating them instead (Yuck!). IMG_0556I guess she likes how they taste, who knew right? I can’t believe my dog likes to eat plants. I swear she always goes around the neighborhood eating weird things, so one of these days I know she will end up very sick. She prefers to eat my neighbors plants and tall grass.

As we got closer to home, I thought wow this walk is awesome! Cinnamon was being so good, but then out of nowhere I see a huge dark brown cocker spaniel tied up with a very long leash in front of one of the houses that we were gonna walk by pretty soon. At first, I didn’t know what Cinnamon was gonna do, so I walked very cautiously up the street while holding Cinnamon close by. By then, Cinnamon was getting closer and closer to the cocker and they were both having a stare-down with each other. I could feel the tension rising when suddenly they got so close to each other that they were touching noses. It was actually kinda cute. I thought for a second that maybe the dogs liked each other, but I was wrong. I was very wrong! A few seconds later, the cocker growled at Cinnamon and instantly lunged at us. At that moment, I pulled Cinnamon away as fast as I could and we got out of there so fast! It was funny though cus Cinnamon’s the one who usually barks and lunges at other dogs, but she didn’t this time. She was silent and calm.

Cinnamon & The Not-So Peaceful Walk

Cinnamon, my sister, and I went on a nice long walk today. First, we walked down a street we usually go down and decided to keep walking on by the back end of the park where there’s a little hill and a nice patch of grass we like to walk by. It’s so peaceful and quiet back there, except for today anyways. So, Cinnamon didn’t want to go that way at all. She stopped, jetted across the street (without regards to any other cars going by), and went to the other side. It was fine until she decided to randomly walk through the walkway of someone else’s house. We were wondering why she wanted to go that way in the first place, it was off the beaten path and noone ever goes down there. Its not a place to walk a dog, but then again Cinnamon does have a mind of her own. She comes up with the craziest places to go. She loves jay-walking, stopping really fast, and short-cutting through other people’s houses (Lovely)! This however, was weird because it was not a short-cut and my sister and I didn’t want to go that way. Cinnamon got mad, insisted that we go that way, so she practically pulled my arm off as I was trying to get her to go with us. It’ funny cus normally Cinnamon loves going up towards the back end of the park. There’s so many things to sniff and places to pee and squirrels to chase after—but not this time! Silly nut!

Anyways, I finally had to pick her up and walk a little ways and then put her down, which she hated. However, after a little while she forgot about all that and went on her merry way. After that, I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse right? Wrong. We were going up this hill, where normally, there is a little stream of water coursing through a mini-channel. Cinnamon loves that thing. Usually, she likes to chase after the water (which is disgusting by the way) and try to drink it, but the second, she got close to the water she was so disappointed because she couldn’t get to it. First of all, it was blocked by a fence so I stopped her before she went in. She got angry and wanted to go in there, but I was telling her not to. It was weird that she wanted to go after the water anyways when the channel was all dried up.               0927141320-00There was no water in sight, but she still wanted to go in there. Nice! Then, I looked up and there was a sign that said “No Trespassing!” and Cinnamon had stopped right in front of it and wanted to go down that way! Haha So, she stopped again and I kept pulling her so she’d come with me. Crazy dog wanted to go down another weird-looking path!

So, once again my sister picked her up and we put her down and crossed the street to the other side of the road where Cinnamon usually likes to go walking with me. Not this time though, the second her tiny legs hit the sidewalk, she started walking the other way. My sister and I were fed up by then! She was driving us crazy! She wanted to go back where we were last time and my sister and I just wanted to keep going straight so we’d get back to our house soon.

This walk was starting to get pretty long and tiring. At least the view was great! There were these beautiful puffy white clouds in the sky that looked like giant marshmallows or soft pillows. There was also a nice autumn breeze, but Cinnamon was still a butt. She stopped because she wouldn’t get her way, sat her butt down, and didn’t budge. She had this cute look on her face, but she wouldn’t come with us. In fact, it got so bad that she pulled herself right out of the harness. It’s funny though because she just sat there and didn’t move, so it was easy to pick her up and take her with us the way we wanted to go. By then, we were both ready to hit the couch. My arms were hurting and my back from her jerking us around so much with the leash. Finally, we made it back home with no more surprises from our little doggy-friend Cinnamon, except that when we crossed the street to get back home she walked right in front of my sister really fast and almost collided with her. Other than that, we finally made it back!


Cinnamon vs. the Lawn Mower Guy

I was sitting on the couch, then suddenly Cinnamon started growling. I was like oh no what is it this time? So, I went to the door and found her sitting like this: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe was guarding the door. It was just a grass cutter guy, but obviously she didn’t want him anywhere near our house, so whenever she heard him making any kind of noise she went grrr, grrr. She was all angry and upset that he was out there messing with our lawn. haha  All he was trying to do was fix our sprinkler (which has been broken for a long time by the way). I was thinking, yeah that’ll really scare that guy away Cinnamon! You sure showed him!

Once she starts growling or barking, it’s all over. I tried everything to get her to stop, I even picked her up, but it didn’t work. She squirmed out of my arms, went back to the door, curled up next to it and gave that lawn mower guy a piece of her mind.

I don’t know why she was doing it in the first place, she can’t even get to him! He’s behind a door!  She isn’t even that scary looking I bet if the guy actually saw her, he’d be like what the heck? That sound came from that dog? Really? She’s so cute, sometimes I forget how vicious she can be.


Cinnamon: The Petrified Cat

This afternoon, Cinnamon was cuddling next to my book The Hobbit. It’s funny cus it hasn’t even been there for awhile. It was upstairs next to my bed cus I’ve slowly been reading it before I go to sleep every night. It’s awesome! I can’t put it down and I’m almost done with it! So, of course, the second I decide to put it back on the couch where I sit, she takes a little snooze by it again. I guess we both really love this book.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After that I took a shower, and when I came back downstairs, Cinnamon was still in the same spot except this time, she was all stretched out like Filch’s petrified cat from Harry Potter (Mrs. Norris). I don’t even wanna know how she got into that spot. This time, she was getting closer to my other book The Book Thief. I haven’t had the chance to even read that book yet, but if Cinnamon likes it I’ll give it a shot! haha She does this all the time. She will use anything as a pillow to cuddle with while she’s spread out on the couch: the tv remote, my brush, and even my phone. She is very spoiled and weird, but that’s why I love her so much!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Cinnamon & the Unexpected Visitor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was out on a walk with Cinnamon this afternoon. She was taking me around in  a huge circle, zig-zaging while she walked, I almost tripped on her several times too because of that, and because she stopped all of a sudden mid-walk and jerked me backwards all so she could point her nose into the grass. Thanks a lot Cinnamon! There was nothing there, but she insisted on doing it anyways.

When we were walking back home, it was starting to get very hot outside again. I wish it would rain we are in a serious drought right now. Anyways, I was walking past my car and I was gonna go inside after throwing Cinnamon’s poo in the trash bin outside (ew!), then out of nowhere Cinnamon speeds up and goes right next to my car. She was pulling me again, so I was like ow what are you doing? At first, I was wondering if that cat was sleeping under my car again and she wanted to bark at it, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. So, I thought nothing of it and went inside. Cinnamon was still pulling me really hard and fast trying to get inside. I really didn’t know what she was doing.

Then, I opened the door, and Cinnamon ran inside super fast. I was about to go inside when I hear someone calling out my name, “Paula! Paula!” from far away. Two second later, I find out that it was my sister calling out my name! My sister scared the living day-lights out of me when she yelled out my name. I thought she was at her subbing job still, but she came home early! Of course! Cinnamon didn’t care though, once she heard my sister, she got a drink of water, and ran upstairs super fast like an energizer bunny got some head-rubs from my sister, and ran back down the stairs and fell asleep on the floor. haha

Silly dog!! She knew my sister was home & I had no clue!

Cinnamon vs. the Mysterious Smell

Right before dinner, Cinnamon started sniffing the air. At first, I thought she was just smelling the spanish rice my mom was making cus it smelled pretty good, but then she got off the couch and started sniffing the side of my mom’s wooden desk. Crazy dog! I had no idea what she was doing! There wasn’t anything over there, at least I sure hope not.

She sniffed high,


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd low… But alas found nothing.

A few minutes later, she was still on the hunt. She went towards her water and food bowl by the window and started sniffing those, too. She didn’t eat any of her food though or drink her water, she was sniffing the outer rims of them. To make things even weirder, she got close to the window and sniffed the window a few times, too.


She sniffed the air while moving her head up and down very fast. She was freaking out too. I’ve never seen her like that before.  Sometimes I wonder what she’s thinking about. For awhile I thought she might have to go to the bathroom or she was freaking out cus she saw some kind of bug or fly, but i guess now I will never know what that mysterious smell is. She’s my little dog detective, watching out for us and protecting us where ever she goes!

Cinnamon’s Sneaky Plan

This morning, I woke up and found out that my sister and mom already left the house. They must’ve left pretty early! I got out of bed and then I went into my sister’s room, and guess who I found sleeping there: Cinnamon!0920140956-01Silly nut! She must’ve been waiting for me to wake up, so she decided to sleep on my sister’s bed! It was so funny cus she was all curled up right in the middle of my sister’s bed, laying in a ball, and licking her paw. It looked like she made a nest out of my sister’s pjs and her soft blue blanket. I don’t know how long she was laying there, but it must’ve been awhile cus I think I woke her up and scared the crap out of her when I came into the room. She looked at me with this funny look on her face, like she was all panicked. She’s like oh no I’ve been caught! When I tried to get her off the bed, she wouldn’t come with me.

I was like Cinnamon what on earth are you doing in here? Then, I went on the bed and gave her some head rubs and then she decided to follow me downstairs.

She does this a lot. She hasn’t done it lately though, cus my sister has been closing her door. Normally, when my mom and sister are gone in the morning Cinnamon sneaks onto my mom’s bed, but not my sister’s. Funny thing is, my mom hates it when she does that! Cinnamon does it anyways cus she’s waiting for mom to come home! Cinnamon is pretty sneaky and stealthy! I never know where she’s gonna be in the morning, but it’s always in a strange, yet comfy spot, at least for her anyways.

Cinnamon & Privacy: No Way!

When I came back home today, Cinnamon was out on a walk with my mom. I talked to my sister for a little while then I went to the bathroom downstairs. The second I closed the door to the bathroom, Cinnamon came rushing in from her walk, nudged the bathroom door open, licked my leg, and ran off. She was bouncing up and down all in a frenzy and still had her leash on! haha

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was like whoa what the heck; a little privacy would be good right now! Seriously. She didn’t even stay that long she just came in fast and left. Also, she didn’t just nudge the door open a little, she really banged the door open into my legs. It is a very small bathroom, let me tell ya! Not enough leg room and after I was done she was waiting for me on the couch, wagging her tail so fast. Boy was she excited and I was just gone for about an hour or 2, just imagine how crazy she’d go if I was gone for a few days or week!

My mom said while Cinnamon was coming back home from the walk, Cinnamon noticed my car was home, so she rushed in as fast as her legs could carry her, and ran around the house to find me! How cute!

Hope everyone has a fun Friday like I am with Cinnamon!!

Cinnamon right before an early morning walk

My mom told me that early this morning at 7:30, before anyone else was awake, Cinnamon ran downstairs and into the kitchen. She was waiting desperately for my mom to get her leash so they could go on their walk together. Cinnamon loves doing that! She gets so excited! Then, Cinnamon walked right in front of her water bowl, stared at it, then she popped her head up at my mom and stared at her like a deer. She wanted water, which was smart since it was hot outside, but she would not drink!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


My mom, who was by the door already with the leash, said, “Cinnamon you can drink your water! Go ahead!” A split second later, Cinnamon rushed over to my mom, sat down, and let my mom put her leash on first, then she ran over happily to her water dish to drink some water. haha Then, they were off on their way.

Cinnamon never does that! It’s like she was waiting for my mom to give her permission to drink the water! How cute! My dog is so polite today! Who knew right? She usually gives us a hard time while we try to put on her leash. She doesn’t sit for us when we ask her to and she doesn’t drink water before we go either, but today I guess she had a mind of her own. She sure does surprise me every time these things happen. It’s hilarious! Sometimes she drives us crazy, even my mom, but this time she was great!

While all this was happening, my sister and I were still sound asleep, cus I am not a morning person, but my mom sure is though. She wakes up at 5 am! I didn’t wake up til at least 10 am. haha