Cinnamon’s Sunday Morning Snooze

When my sister was at church this morning, I came downstairs and found my dog sleeping like this on the couch:


She was totally sleeping in my sister’s spot! haha. Usually, Cinnamon hates it when my sister’s gone, so she steals her spot on the couch and waits for her to come home! She even gets on top of some of her things, like her pillows, socks, jackets, she doesn’t care, if it’s in the way she’ll make space for herself and jumps right into the spot she wants and curls up like a little baby!

Plus, later, when i was gonna take her out on a walk, I found her with her head shoved underneath both pillows near the computer, with her legs all sprawled out! It was hilarious! I don’t even know how she got back there in the first place! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then, her little head popped out when I said, “Ready Cinnamon let’s go!!” I didn’t even think she could get out of that spot, but she sure did, especially when I said those magic words!