Cinnamon the Watch-Dog

Tonight, I went in the kitchen and caught Cinnamon staring out the window like this: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Watch out because my dog Cinnamon is on the prowl! haha

I call her my watch-dog because every time the window is open even just a tiny bit in the kitchen, she will sit there, stare outside, and not budge an inch. She sits there and watches people go by! Then, she barks at anything that moves, such as: strange looking guys, girls talking too loud to each other, guys with basketballs, or big gigantic dogs (even tiny ones).  It’s so fun watching her do that! Half the time, she doesn’t even realize I’m doing it!

I had been calling out her name a lot, too, so we’d go on a walk, but she still did not budge. She’s so stubborn! So, I went closer and closer to her until I was standing right in front of her and she still would not move:


By then, she had this sad look on her face. It was probably because I was blocking her view of the window. haha, so the second I moved, she was happy again (go figure?)

I wonder what she was thinking about while looking outside like that because, to tell you the truth, I looked out the window and there was no one in sight! I didn’t see anyone for miles! That didn’t bother her one bit though! She was content being by that window being my little watch-dog!