Cinnamon vs. The Man on the Roof

My sister and I were taking Cinnamon out on a walk today and everything was going fine, until we started walking past this one house. See, there was this guy up on the roof fixing something, i’m not sure what, but he had a hat on and Cinnamon started barking at him really loudly! haha It was so bad that the man on the roof freaked out and looked down at us like, “What the heck is going on?” What’s even funnier is that she stared this guy down and then let him have it. She not only barked, but she was jumping up at him (as if she would be able to reach him) and was snarling too.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, my sister and I said, “Cinnamon stop! Don’t bark at him!” When we did that I picked her up and instantly she stopped barking. No joke! She was silent and I held her in my arms til we got a safe distance away and she still wasn’t barking at him! She was completely calm! It’s hilarious because every time she barks at someone like that, the second we pick her up she’s fine again. haha She must’ve really hated that guy on the roof cus she was going nuts! I guess she doesn’t like guys in straw hats. Watch out!

I never know when Cinnamon is gonna do that! We always have to be careful because ya never know when she’s gonna bark at someone like that! She definately keeps me on my toes though, for sure!