Cinnamon the Energizer Bunny

I went off for about 2 hours or so and came back with an I-n-Out hamburger and some fries (Yum!!) for dinner. So, the second I opened the door Cinnamon was right by my feet, running around so fast and then she came over to my foot and licked my toe with her little tongue and ran off. haha It felt so weird and cold cus I was wearing flip-flops!

Then, while I was coming inside, I was talking to my mom ad sister and she wanted me to pet her so she sat down on the couch quickly and waited for me to come over. She sat right in my spot next to my hobbit book, my purse, and my phone and stared at me til I finally came over and gave her some cuddles!  She was so happy that she was wagging her little dinky little tail so fast.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She does that all the time. It’s so cute how she just waits for me to come home, she gets so excited and turns into an energizer bunny! She was sniffing my food too. No wonder, the burgers from In-n-out are fantastic! I guess she wanted one, too! I think she was just glad I was finally home again! She likes it when we’re all at the house together. So, she waits by the door hoping for us to come home when we leave for a long time.