Cinnamon vs. The Runner

Cinnamon was excited to go on a walk with me today. She waited by the door and everything (She doesn’t always do that by the way!) Then, as Cinnamon and I were walking outside, this runner started coming towards us on the sidewalk.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The second that runner got close to us on the sidewalk she lunged at him and started barking. She just barked once, then growled really loud. Then, she ran around in circles til I picked her up. Sure enough, Cinnamon was fine, but I had to carry her a little ways til the runner was gone or she’d bark at him again! Why does this keep happening to me? Why did she even bark at him anyways? It’s not like he was gonna attack us or anything.

The runner, however, wasn’t so lucky cus he freaked out and started going faster around the corner, as far away from us as possible. I’ve never seen anyone leave so fast before in my life! He was so surprised that Cinnamon did that! I was, too! It scared the crap out of me! Every time she does that it’s so piercingly loud everyone in town can probably hear it!


Cinnamon’s Brand New Halloween Toy

Yesterday, my sister and I went to Pet Smart with Cinnamon and she got a new toy! We got her a halloween dog toy that squeaks! When we got back home and I pulled out the toy, Cinnamon was so happy that her tail was wagging like crazy, she was sniffing it, and waiting for me to throw it. So, I did and she was off running so fast! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe loves playing fetch and it also turns into a tug of war too. Cinnamon looks cute, but when she’s playing with her toys, she gets a bit rough haha. I have to be careful she doesn’t bite me, cus she gets so into chasing after her toy and biting on it like crazy!

A little later, I found Cinnamon on the floor still chewing on it! She does this all the time! We go off and get her a new toy every once and awhile and when we give it to her, she’s in heaven! She loves ripping it to shreds and eating the insides of it (ya know the cottony-stuff) It’s nasty! its hilarious because sometimes after she has had the toy for awhile you can see the stuffing popping out of the seams of it.

After all that playing she was pooped out because we were running around so much and then, I caught Cinnamon sleeping and cuddling next to her new toy! It was so cute! I guess that trip to Petsmart was a success! Time for a nap!