Cinnamon’s Lick of Heaven

My sister came home from substituting an 8th grade class today and she brought us both some Icees from Taco Bell. haha It’s weird though because it’s supposed to rain today, but it’s still really hot outside, so those Icees were good! Anyways, when my sister and I were drinking them on the couch, Cinnamon came over and slept in between us. It was so cute!

While sleeping next to us though, she started staring at my sister’s Icee. I guess she wanted it cus when my sister put it really close to her mouth, Cinnamon started licking it:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t even know why she was doing that. Sure enough, Cinnamon did the same thing to my Icee. She kept licking it and licking it some more:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACinnamon was in heaven licking that thing! That must’ve been a really good Icee! Its been so hot lately I bet she just wanted something cold to lick. After she was done licking them on the outside, she stuck her head in closer to both of us and fell asleep!

What I thought was weird was that she didn’t even try to lick what was inside the Icee! All she was interested in was the outside part! Who knew right? That was really weird, but extremely cute!