Cinnamon vs. The Drain Water

Today, my sister and I took Cinnamon out on a walk out in the crazy hot weather we’ve been having lately. I wish it would rain because it felt like an oven out there. Anyways, when we were going down this one street Cinnamon was going slowly, then out of nowhere she sped up really fast and pulled my sister and she was like whoa what are you doing? I was wondering the same thing.

Then, I saw that she had seen the water in the drain and it was moving up the street. She was following the water like there is no tomorrow. Once she saw it, it was all over.


It was like she was chasing after it and she wouldn’t stop to pee no matter what we said to her. haha She does this everytime she sees water. She even tries licking it too, which is nasty and hilarious! I can’t believe she wants that water I mean its not like it tastes good or anything. She was following after that water for a long time, then all of a sudden the water stopped flowing. I noticed it before Cinnamon did, so she kept running. Then, when she finally saw that the water wasn’t moving anymore, she freaked out, turned her head around fast and stared at it to see where it was. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! The look on her face was priceless when she saw that the water stopped going fast. She was so disappointed. I guess she really likes water!

When that was over, Cinnamon got distracted by some plants on the other side of the sidewalk and forgot all about the water. haha I guess that was it. She got bored and didn’t follow it anymore. She wanted to eat the grass instead. Even better!