Cinnamon’s Ultimate Puppy-Dog Stare-Down

Last night my sister and I were minding our own business, watching some TV while sitting on our couch, then all of a sudden Cinnamon comes over and stares at me like this:


 It was hilarious cus she wanted to sit in my spot and I was like are you kidding me? She always does this. She comes up randomly, stares at me, and waits for me to give her a spot on the couch. So, she gave me the ultimate stare-down complete with the  cute puppy-dog eyes. Even before I could say anything, she started moving into a spot next to me that was hard for her to get into. There was hardly any space at all ok, but she shoved herself in anyways. Of course she couldn’t just wait a few seconds for me to move a few things around so she could sit there.  I was thinking hey what are you doing?

Then, I had to move over a bit because she was practically on top of me while trying to curl up into the perfect ball. Then, she laid out and put her head on top of all of my stuff and took a nice long nap. She sure was happy by then, especially after I gave her some head rubs, too. That’s Cinnamon for ya!

She hates it when there isn’t any space on the couch for her and if you move out of the spot you’re sitting in, she will steal it! haha, even if you’re gone for only a few minutes. So, watch out because ya never know what my dog is gonna do next!