Cinnamon vs. A Guy and His Big Dog

It was another hot scorching day here in Southern California, but Cinnamon was excited to go on a walk. It was fun cus she took my sister and I around through so many different houses and streets. By the time we were walking home, I was sweating a lot and my sister and I just wanted to get inside quick. It felt so humid out there we couldn’t breathe. Anyways, the second we were about to get home, this guy comes out of nowhere, running with his big mean-looking dog approaching us fast! It was so weird! Who in their right mind would run around in this heat?

So, then, Cinnamon started going crazy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She barked her head off at that guy and the dog. She even ran around in circles growling at him (like that would help) and trying to escape from her leash to attack him! I don’t think Cinnamon would’ve been able to take on that big dog, no way! She is way too small for that, but she sure thought she could.

To make things worse, Cinnamon got the whole neighborhood of dogs barking at that big dog. There was this mini chihuahua dog in the yard next to us that was barking, our neighbor’s dog was barking (she’s a very tiny poodle), and also these 4 yappy dogs across the street from us (a little farther away) were barking at them too and they kept going on forever! They are loud and with Cinnamon barking in the mix it made it worse!

She must’ve really hated that dog because while she was running in circles,  I was finally able to pick her up and she was looking around for it and the runner, even though she was calm and stopped barking. I couldn’t see them anywhere. It’s like I turned away for a split second and they were gone! haha Oh, well. Then, I saw them all the way down the street turning the corner out of sight and I was wondering how they even got that far away in the first place. Cinnamon must’ve scared them off in a hurry!