Cinnamon waiting for my mom to come home

Cinnamon was sad all day, waiting for my mom to come home. She even went under the drapes waiting and hoping for my mom to walk by and come back home. All I could see was her butt. The rest of her body was covered, haha. It’s almost hard to see her from far away cus she blends in.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally my mom got back at like 8:30 pm and the second my mom walked through the door, Cinnamon jetted around so fast, like a jack rabbit. I’ve never seen her wag her stubby tail so fast. It was so cute!! She’s like mommy mommy you’re home you’re home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy mom said she had a headache and wanted to go to sleep, so she went upstairs to her room. After a little while, Cinnamon had no idea where my mom was and she wanted to play with her, so she started running around with her toy. Cinnamon heard my mom moving upstairs, so she stopped… sat there… and listened…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen my mom yelled loudly, “Cinnamon! Where are you? Cinnamon!” Instantly, Cinnamon jetted upstairs in the blink of an eye, running as fast as her long legs could carry her. She got upstairs, then my mom said, “Go!” and by then, Cinnamon was already down the stairs running as fast as she could towards the door. Then, she did it again, cus my mom called out her name, “Cinnamon!” She ran up like a jack rabbit and waited at the top this time, got some rubs on the ears, and ran quickly down the stairs again, but this time she ran into the kitchen, which had no lights on at all! It’s hilarious to watch!! She has so much energy sometimes and other times she just wants to clonk out on the couch and sleep all day!

Cinnamon always does this when my mom’s been away for awhile or when she wants to go on a walk with my mom. It’s funny cus Cinnamon is very attached to my mom. She follows her around everywhere! My mom didn’t even like dogs that much when we first got Cinnamon, but now my mom loves her.