Cinnamon’s Mischief Monday

Today is just so much fun with Cinnamon! First, Cinnamon wedged herself in a spot on the couch and laid there all morning. When I said, “Cinnamon let’s go!  Ready baby! Time for a walk!” Nothing.  She popped her little head up, stared at me, and didn’t move. She’s like five more minutes! I’m trying to sleep. haha

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, I tried again and again to get her up off the couch and she would not budge! It sucks! I mean why does she do this to me now? Why can’t she just go out with me. She’s acting like a teenager who doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning to go to school!So, I kinda pulled her collar a bit to get her to at least get off the couch, but instead of running towards the door, she ran to the bottom of the steps and laid there. So, then I said, ” Aw Cinnamon don’t you want to go on a walk? The door is that way! Not this way!”


After I said that, she ran upstairs and laid in a ball right next to the huge mirror half-way up the stairs. That’s it! I was done by that point! I was like Cinnamon go ahead stay up there. I don’t care! So, instead i went into the kitchen and got a brownie and started eating it. It was so delicious! By then, Cinnamon still didn’t move.


A few minutes later I finally sat down on the couch to relax, eat my awesome brownie, and go on my computer. Out of nowhere, I hear a guy running up to our door, leaving something there, and running away as soon as possible. I was like what the heck is that? Then, Cinnamon comes running down the stairs barking like crazy at the guy who was at the door! I was like seriously?


So I got up and told Cinnamon “No!I Stop barking you weirdo!” I left my brownie on the couch, looked outside and found out that the UPS guy just came by and delivered a package to us! haha. Cinnamon absolutely hates UPS. The instant she hears them out the door, even in the same area, she starts barking and growling all in a huff! We still order packages from them anyway because my mom used to work there! Isn’t that ironic?

On top of all of that, the UPS guy left my package in the dirt (of course) so I had to get it out, and once I came in Cinnamon was on the couch and she was about to swallow my brownie whole! I was like, “Cinnamon No! That’s my brownie! Not yours!” She still sniffed it though and was inching closer to it so I grabbed it away from her as soon as I could! She didn’t even care about the UPS guy anymore! All she wanted was that chocolate brownie!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMan what else is gonna happen today? At least I got the package I’ve been waiting for from UPS and I got to have a brownie.