Cinnamon & the Comfy Red Blanket

Last night, Cinnamon came over and cuddled with me on the couch. It was so funny cus she jumped up, got in between my sister and I, and started cuddling next to my legs. Its no wonder she got so close, I had this really soft red blank on me, so she wanted to curl up next to them and sleep.  She loved that blanket so much that she kept getting closer and closer to my leg. When I decided to pick her up and put her closer to my chest, she stayeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd there and slept on me. (she hardly ever does that!). Usually she gets angry if you try to pick her up and hold her or let her sit on your lap. She loved it this time though! haha

When you move Cinnamon while she’s like that she turns into butter. She melts right into you and that’s exactly what she did. Her head fell straight into my chest and she stayed there for the rest of the night cuddling with me, sleeping like a little baby in my arms. It felt so warm and cozy that I almost fell asleep, too. She was in heaven, especially while I was softly petting the fur on her back.It’s hilarious because she did not move from that spot til a little later. She looked up at me with these cute beady eyes and wanted to move out of the spot. I think she was stuck! She was so ingrained in that spot that she couldn’t move. Poor baby! I was trying to help her, but instead, she fell lower onto my lap, at a weird, twisted angle, and she stayed there instead!  She was so tired she just collapsed hard into the spot, like she was dead and didn’t move.

When I decided to go to bed, I didn’t even want to get up off the couch because I had gotten so comfy with her that I was about to fall asleep, like her. That doesn’t happen a lot especially since I’m wide awake at night considering that I’m a night person, but not last night! I slept well that night and so did Cinnamon!