Cinnamon right before an early morning walk

My mom told me that early this morning at 7:30, before anyone else was awake, Cinnamon ran downstairs and into the kitchen. She was waiting desperately for my mom to get her leash so they could go on their walk together. Cinnamon loves doing that! She gets so excited! Then, Cinnamon walked right in front of her water bowl, stared at it, then she popped her head up at my mom and stared at her like a deer. She wanted water, which was smart since it was hot outside, but she would not drink!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


My mom, who was by the door already with the leash, said, “Cinnamon you can drink your water! Go ahead!” A split second later, Cinnamon rushed over to my mom, sat down, and let my mom put her leash on first, then she ran over happily to her water dish to drink some water. haha Then, they were off on their way.

Cinnamon never does that! It’s like she was waiting for my mom to give her permission to drink the water! How cute! My dog is so polite today! Who knew right? She usually gives us a hard time while we try to put on her leash. She doesn’t sit for us when we ask her to and she doesn’t drink water before we go either, but today I guess she had a mind of her own. She sure does surprise me every time these things happen. It’s hilarious! Sometimes she drives us crazy, even my mom, but this time she was great!

While all this was happening, my sister and I were still sound asleep, cus I am not a morning person, but my mom sure is though. She wakes up at 5 am! I didn’t wake up til at least 10 am. haha