Cinnamon & Privacy: No Way!

When I came back home today, Cinnamon was out on a walk with my mom. I talked to my sister for a little while then I went to the bathroom downstairs. The second I closed the door to the bathroom, Cinnamon came rushing in from her walk, nudged the bathroom door open, licked my leg, and ran off. She was bouncing up and down all in a frenzy and still had her leash on! haha

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was like whoa what the heck; a little privacy would be good right now! Seriously. She didn’t even stay that long she just came in fast and left. Also, she didn’t just nudge the door open a little, she really banged the door open into my legs. It is a very small bathroom, let me tell ya! Not enough leg room and after I was done she was waiting for me on the couch, wagging her tail so fast. Boy was she excited and I was just gone for about an hour or 2, just imagine how crazy she’d go if I was gone for a few days or week!

My mom said while Cinnamon was coming back home from the walk, Cinnamon noticed my car was home, so she rushed in as fast as her legs could carry her, and ran around the house to find me! How cute!

Hope everyone has a fun Friday like I am with Cinnamon!!