Cinnamon’s Sneaky Plan

This morning, I woke up and found out that my sister and mom already left the house. They must’ve left pretty early! I got out of bed and then I went into my sister’s room, and guess who I found sleeping there: Cinnamon!0920140956-01Silly nut! She must’ve been waiting for me to wake up, so she decided to sleep on my sister’s bed! It was so funny cus she was all curled up right in the middle of my sister’s bed, laying in a ball, and licking her paw. It looked like she made a nest out of my sister’s pjs and her soft blue blanket. I don’t know how long she was laying there, but it must’ve been awhile cus I think I woke her up and scared the crap out of her when I came into the room. She looked at me with this funny look on her face, like she was all panicked. She’s like oh no I’ve been caught! When I tried to get her off the bed, she wouldn’t come with me.

I was like Cinnamon what on earth are you doing in here? Then, I went on the bed and gave her some head rubs and then she decided to follow me downstairs.

She does this a lot. She hasn’t done it lately though, cus my sister has been closing her door. Normally, when my mom and sister are gone in the morning Cinnamon sneaks onto my mom’s bed, but not my sister’s. Funny thing is, my mom hates it when she does that! Cinnamon does it anyways cus she’s waiting for mom to come home! Cinnamon is pretty sneaky and stealthy! I never know where she’s gonna be in the morning, but it’s always in a strange, yet comfy spot, at least for her anyways.