Cinnamon vs. the Mysterious Smell

Right before dinner, Cinnamon started sniffing the air. At first, I thought she was just smelling the spanish rice my mom was making cus it smelled pretty good, but then she got off the couch and started sniffing the side of my mom’s wooden desk. Crazy dog! I had no idea what she was doing! There wasn’t anything over there, at least I sure hope not.

She sniffed high,


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd low… But alas found nothing.

A few minutes later, she was still on the hunt. She went towards her water and food bowl by the window and started sniffing those, too. She didn’t eat any of her food though or drink her water, she was sniffing the outer rims of them. To make things even weirder, she got close to the window and sniffed the window a few times, too.


She sniffed the air while moving her head up and down very fast. She was freaking out too. I’ve never seen her like that before.  Sometimes I wonder what she’s thinking about. For awhile I thought she might have to go to the bathroom or she was freaking out cus she saw some kind of bug or fly, but i guess now I will never know what that mysterious smell is. She’s my little dog detective, watching out for us and protecting us where ever she goes!