Cinnamon & the Unexpected Visitor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was out on a walk with Cinnamon this afternoon. She was taking me around in  a huge circle, zig-zaging while she walked, I almost tripped on her several times too because of that, and because she stopped all of a sudden mid-walk and jerked me backwards all so she could point her nose into the grass. Thanks a lot Cinnamon! There was nothing there, but she insisted on doing it anyways.

When we were walking back home, it was starting to get very hot outside again. I wish it would rain we are in a serious drought right now. Anyways, I was walking past my car and I was gonna go inside after throwing Cinnamon’s poo in the trash bin outside (ew!), then out of nowhere Cinnamon speeds up and goes right next to my car. She was pulling me again, so I was like ow what are you doing? At first, I was wondering if that cat was sleeping under my car again and she wanted to bark at it, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. So, I thought nothing of it and went inside. Cinnamon was still pulling me really hard and fast trying to get inside. I really didn’t know what she was doing.

Then, I opened the door, and Cinnamon ran inside super fast. I was about to go inside when I hear someone calling out my name, “Paula! Paula!” from far away. Two second later, I find out that it was my sister calling out my name! My sister scared the living day-lights out of me when she yelled out my name. I thought she was at her subbing job still, but she came home early! Of course! Cinnamon didn’t care though, once she heard my sister, she got a drink of water, and ran upstairs super fast like an energizer bunny got some head-rubs from my sister, and ran back down the stairs and fell asleep on the floor. haha

Silly dog!! She knew my sister was home & I had no clue!