Cinnamon: The Petrified Cat

This afternoon, Cinnamon was cuddling next to my book The Hobbit. It’s funny cus it hasn’t even been there for awhile. It was upstairs next to my bed cus I’ve slowly been reading it before I go to sleep every night. It’s awesome! I can’t put it down and I’m almost done with it! So, of course, the second I decide to put it back on the couch where I sit, she takes a little snooze by it again. I guess we both really love this book.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After that I took a shower, and when I came back downstairs, Cinnamon was still in the same spot except this time, she was all stretched out like Filch’s petrified cat from Harry Potter (Mrs. Norris). I don’t even wanna know how she got into that spot. This time, she was getting closer to my other book The Book Thief. I haven’t had the chance to even read that book yet, but if Cinnamon likes it I’ll give it a shot! haha She does this all the time. She will use anything as a pillow to cuddle with while she’s spread out on the couch: the tv remote, my brush, and even my phone. She is very spoiled and weird, but that’s why I love her so much!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA