Cinnamon vs. the Lawn Mower Guy

I was sitting on the couch, then suddenly Cinnamon started growling. I was like oh no what is it this time? So, I went to the door and found her sitting like this: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe was guarding the door. It was just a grass cutter guy, but obviously she didn’t want him anywhere near our house, so whenever she heard him making any kind of noise she went grrr, grrr. She was all angry and upset that he was out there messing with our lawn. haha  All he was trying to do was fix our sprinkler (which has been broken for a long time by the way). I was thinking, yeah that’ll really scare that guy away Cinnamon! You sure showed him!

Once she starts growling or barking, it’s all over. I tried everything to get her to stop, I even picked her up, but it didn’t work. She squirmed out of my arms, went back to the door, curled up next to it and gave that lawn mower guy a piece of her mind.

I don’t know why she was doing it in the first place, she can’t even get to him! He’s behind a door!  She isn’t even that scary looking I bet if the guy actually saw her, he’d be like what the heck? That sound came from that dog? Really? She’s so cute, sometimes I forget how vicious she can be.