Cinnamon & The Not-So Peaceful Walk

Cinnamon, my sister, and I went on a nice long walk today. First, we walked down a street we usually go down and decided to keep walking on by the back end of the park where there’s a little hill and a nice patch of grass we like to walk by. It’s so peaceful and quiet back there, except for today anyways. So, Cinnamon didn’t want to go that way at all. She stopped, jetted across the street (without regards to any other cars going by), and went to the other side. It was fine until she decided to randomly walk through the walkway of someone else’s house. We were wondering why she wanted to go that way in the first place, it was off the beaten path and noone ever goes down there. Its not a place to walk a dog, but then again Cinnamon does have a mind of her own. She comes up with the craziest places to go. She loves jay-walking, stopping really fast, and short-cutting through other people’s houses (Lovely)! This however, was weird because it was not a short-cut and my sister and I didn’t want to go that way. Cinnamon got mad, insisted that we go that way, so she practically pulled my arm off as I was trying to get her to go with us. It’ funny cus normally Cinnamon loves going up towards the back end of the park. There’s so many things to sniff and places to pee and squirrels to chase after—but not this time! Silly nut!

Anyways, I finally had to pick her up and walk a little ways and then put her down, which she hated. However, after a little while she forgot about all that and went on her merry way. After that, I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse right? Wrong. We were going up this hill, where normally, there is a little stream of water coursing through a mini-channel. Cinnamon loves that thing. Usually, she likes to chase after the water (which is disgusting by the way) and try to drink it, but the second, she got close to the water she was so disappointed because she couldn’t get to it. First of all, it was blocked by a fence so I stopped her before she went in. She got angry and wanted to go in there, but I was telling her not to. It was weird that she wanted to go after the water anyways when the channel was all dried up.               0927141320-00There was no water in sight, but she still wanted to go in there. Nice! Then, I looked up and there was a sign that said “No Trespassing!” and Cinnamon had stopped right in front of it and wanted to go down that way! Haha So, she stopped again and I kept pulling her so she’d come with me. Crazy dog wanted to go down another weird-looking path!

So, once again my sister picked her up and we put her down and crossed the street to the other side of the road where Cinnamon usually likes to go walking with me. Not this time though, the second her tiny legs hit the sidewalk, she started walking the other way. My sister and I were fed up by then! She was driving us crazy! She wanted to go back where we were last time and my sister and I just wanted to keep going straight so we’d get back to our house soon.

This walk was starting to get pretty long and tiring. At least the view was great! There were these beautiful puffy white clouds in the sky that looked like giant marshmallows or soft pillows. There was also a nice autumn breeze, but Cinnamon was still a butt. She stopped because she wouldn’t get her way, sat her butt down, and didn’t budge. She had this cute look on her face, but she wouldn’t come with us. In fact, it got so bad that she pulled herself right out of the harness. It’s funny though because she just sat there and didn’t move, so it was easy to pick her up and take her with us the way we wanted to go. By then, we were both ready to hit the couch. My arms were hurting and my back from her jerking us around so much with the leash. Finally, we made it back home with no more surprises from our little doggy-friend Cinnamon, except that when we crossed the street to get back home she walked right in front of my sister really fast and almost collided with her. Other than that, we finally made it back!