Cinnamon vs. The Dark Brown Cocker Spaniel

Cinnamon and I went on a walk today and it looked like it was gonna rain, but it still felt extremely hot. Today’s walk was ten times better than yesterday. We went down a few streets and Cinnamon was going in slow motion. It was funny because she was going sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. I had no idea what she was sniffing, but she was hot on the trail for something. I sure hope it wasn’t a cat or a lizard. She loves chasing lizards. She will lunge at them if she has to.

As we made it around to the other side of the street, Cinnamon continued to sniff the grass, and then she found it! She found what she was looking for: four leaf clovers. Haha It was so random, I thought she was just gonna sniff them, but she ended up eating them instead (Yuck!). IMG_0556I guess she likes how they taste, who knew right? I can’t believe my dog likes to eat plants. I swear she always goes around the neighborhood eating weird things, so one of these days I know she will end up very sick. She prefers to eat my neighbors plants and tall grass.

As we got closer to home, I thought wow this walk is awesome! Cinnamon was being so good, but then out of nowhere I see a huge dark brown cocker spaniel tied up with a very long leash in front of one of the houses that we were gonna walk by pretty soon. At first, I didn’t know what Cinnamon was gonna do, so I walked very cautiously up the street while holding Cinnamon close by. By then, Cinnamon was getting closer and closer to the cocker and they were both having a stare-down with each other. I could feel the tension rising when suddenly they got so close to each other that they were touching noses. It was actually kinda cute. I thought for a second that maybe the dogs liked each other, but I was wrong. I was very wrong! A few seconds later, the cocker growled at Cinnamon and instantly lunged at us. At that moment, I pulled Cinnamon away as fast as I could and we got out of there so fast! It was funny though cus Cinnamon’s the one who usually barks and lunges at other dogs, but she didn’t this time. She was silent and calm.