Cinnamon & the Purple Fan

I had just gotten home from a short walk outside with Cinnamon and my sister, and I was sitting on the couch. It was so hot outside I thought I was gonna melt, so I was thinking of blasting the AC. However, right when I thought of doing that,  my sister decided to get her purple fan out of the kitchen. She started waving it back and forth in front of her face to feel a cool breeze as she came back into the living room.

Suddenly, Cinnamon freaked out! She jumped up, propped her feet on the ground, started shaking, and stared at my sister. Then, my sister started using it on Cinnamon and that was it, she left that spot in a hurry! She was so scared of it that she was trying to get into my spot on the couch! I was like Cinnamon there is no way you can fit in here with me. So, she jumped over my legs and got in my sister’s spot instead:


Guess I should’ve known she wouldn’t like that fan cus whenever someone blows on her face or on the top of her head, she hates it. Her ears will start twitching and she’ll give you the death stare.  My sister has never really used that fan too much, so Cinnamon probably doesn’t even know what it is in the first place. She was like ah it’s attacking me! Run!

So, somehow she ended up next to me, in my sister’s spot on the couch, as fast as she could and curled up into a ball. She stuck her head in her legs and tried to hide away from it. Poor baby! She had no idea what was going on, but she didn’t want to stick around and find out.  My sister tried to show her the fan again and said, “It’s ok baby! The fan won’t hurt you!” Yeah, that did not work! She just dug herself farther and farther into the couch as she possibly could. I don’t know why she doesn’t like it though since it’s really hot in our house right now. I’m sweating like crazy!

Cinnamon didn’t even like it when my sister started using the fan on me either. haha She had this freaky look on her face like she was gonna pounce on the fan if my sister didn’t stop. I was like Cinnamon I’m hot! I need it! haha