Cinnamon vs. the Ladybug Halloween Costume

Yesterday, while Cinnamon, my sister, and I were at Petsmart buying stuff for Cinnamon, we also got her this awesome ladybug costume for Halloween. We even showed it to Cinnamon and asked her if she liked it, and she did, so we got that one. There were a lot of other costumes there too, but we liked this one the best, even though it only came in large. I wish there was a medium size, but there were only large, x-large, or xx-large. Cinnamon wouldn’t fit in those for sure!

Here is Cinnamon in her ladybug costume for Halloween:



At first, I tried putting the costume on her while she was laying on the couch, but that wasn’t easy. She wouldn’t move out of that spot, so I attached it on as best as I could and she looked so cute!! She didn’t think so though! She wouldn’t even get off the couch, so we could really see it on her. It was like she was hiding there and didn’t want anyone to see her in her new outfit. She’s like I am not wearing this thing! She had this grumpy look on her face, especially when I put the top part of it on her head. She sure hated that!

Finally my mom said, “Come here Cinnamon! Come on. Let’s go!”

Cinnamon was like ok and she ran over to my mom, but when she got off the couch she tried to rip it off her head. She almost ended up getting the whole thing off her body and she was like no way am I wearing this thing it itches and it’s too hot. It was funny cus while she was doing that, the top part of the costume that was supposed to be on her head was falling down on her face, so she couldn’t see anything. By then, she really wanted to get it off.

At that point, I was sure Cinnamon wasn’t gonna wear the costume cus it was bothering her so much, but my mom fixed it so that the top part of it hung down away from her face. The instant my mom did that, Cinnamon was happy again. She liked it that way so much better and so did we. She looked so cute prancing around the room with it on, but she didn’t wanna wear it that much.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Cinnamon Shopping at Petsmart

Cinnamon, my sister, and I all went to Petsmart today. We had so much fun! Cinnamon was excited to go on a car ride with us. She’s like yeah, another car ride!

When we went outside, it looked like it was gonna rain. It was so weird, it was cloudy and chilly and normally it’s extremely hot. Also, when I sat down in my car, Cinnamon came over and sat on my lap. It was great, but it hurt so badly! I was wearing shorts, so her claws kept digging into my skin. I was like ow, Cinnamon stop! Your claws are sharp! I was trying to get her to sit somewhere else, but she wouldn’t budge. We weren’t going too far so it was ok. It’s only like 5 minutes away from our house anyways. haha

When we got there, Cinnamon knew exactly where we were. She was so happy that we were at Petsmart that she was dragging my sister inside, so we’d go faster. She knew we were gonna get her some awesome stuff.

When we got inside, there was noone there, so that was good. At least there weren’t any big dogs roaming around cus the last time we went in there, Cinnamon turned around a corner and met eyes with a huge black dobberman. That thing was ferocious and Cinnamon started barking at it like crazy. I was like Cinnamon you can’t bark in here like that it’s rude. She still charged after that dog anyways, so we had to pick her up for the rest of our time at the store. Now, my sister and I just carry her while we’re there.

This time, we let Cinnamon roam around freely, at least for the first few minutes. It was hilarious, cus when we went down the aisle with all the dog food, Cinnamon was in heaven! She was sniffing each and every bag of dog food she could, trying to find the best one.


Only thing is, she was sniffing all the ones at the bottom that were gigantic, expensive, and hard to carry. She wanted the good stuff! We don’t get that kind, we get the smaller bags, but it sure looked like she wanted the jumbo ones. She even sniffed the dog food that we got her too when we were putting it in our cart and then she kept sniffing all the other ones again, sniff, sniff, sniff. I bet if she wanted to she could stay in that one aisle all day!

Finally we got out of that aisle (after having to pick her up) and went down to get her favorite dog treats: Bacon Littles. She loves those! In fact, she loved it so much that when my sister picked it up and put it in the cart, she instantly sat down on her butt and started sniffing the bag and waited for us to give her some. I was like Cinnamon you have to wait til we get home for those. She’s like aw man!

A few minutes later, we were done shopping so we went to the checkout stand. It’s cool cus there’s this lady at the counter who normally gives us a cute little dog treat shaped like a bone for Cinnamon. However, every time I give it to Cinnamon right away she doesn’t eat it or she bites off a few pieces and the rest drops onto the floor while I’m holding her, so this time I held it in my hands and waited to give it to her when we got to the car. Cinnamon had other plans though. In fact, while we were walking out of Petsmart I put Cinnamon down on the floor and Cinnamon started looking around for her dog treat. She had no idea where it went, so she started pulling me back inside Petsmart.

I noticed what she was looking for was right in my hands and she forgot I had it, so I said loudly, “Hey Cinnamon the treat’s in my hand baby. It’s not in Petsmart anymore. I’ve got it right here! Look!” So, I showed it to her and she went nuts!

She started jumping up and down and wagging her tail. Then, she followed me to the car, cus I didn’t give it to her right away. She was looking up at me staying eagerly by my side til I finally decided to drop it in front of her. She’s like YES!!! Then, she ate it fast and we were on our way again back to our house.

I love going to Petsmart with Cinnamon! It’s always fun waiting to see what she’s gonna do next.

Cinnamon’s Bear Hug & Jeremy

Today, I went off for a little while and when I came back I noticed that Jeremy was outside playing with a ball. He’s one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen. I think he’s about 6 or 7 years old and he comes over to visit his grandma Elsie next door to us once and awhile. Cinnamon loves Jeremy I mean whenever she sees him, she goes crazy! Her butt starts wiggling, she runs around fast, and she goes over to lick his face.

This time it was different and funny! Cinnamon didn’t know that Jeremy was outside playing with a soccer ball, so as I opened the door to go inside my house, Cinnamon was already by the door and she was so happy to see him! She was so excited that she stayed by the screen door and almost wouldn’t let me in. She’s like I wanna play with him! I was like Cinnamon I wanna go inside, do you mind? I thought it was cute though, cus Cinnamon would do anything to play with Jeremy.

Then, when I finally made it inside and closed the door, I started talking with my sister and my mom, and Cinnamon was running around by my feet, cus she was so happy to see me. Cinnamon instantly got jealous that I wasn’t paying attention to her, so she came up to me and gave me this huge bear hug!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was like whoa. She came out of nowhere, jumped up on the couch as fast as she could, sprang up towards me, and planted her arms on me.  She’s a small dog, but when she wants to, she can really get some lift with those long, tall springy legs of hers. She’s never done this before, so I was surprised. Normally, she just comes over to my feet and doots me or runs around really fast wiggling her butt, but this time she went all out! A little later, I found out that Cinnamon had seen me walking by the window as I was getting out of my car and she was so excited to see me that she ran over to the door to wait for me to come in. So cute!

When she gave me that hug, I gave her a giant hug back and said, “Aw, Cinnamon I love you too baby!” Then, she licked my face so much I had droll all over me, and I was like thanks a lot. After that, I put her down on the couch and I gave her so many belly rubs. She was one happy dog! When I stopped, she was mad though. She’s like don’t stop! She was in heaven. Sometimes I think of her as my little polar bear cus she’s so cuddly and sweet.

I was only gone for a little while, just imagine what would happen if I were gone for a whole week. She would go nuts when I come back!





Cinnamon vs. The Cricket

Earlier today, there was this gigantic cricket running around the house. It was huge! I mean it scared the crap out of me when I saw it running across the kitchen. I hate crickets! They creep both my sister and me out. It was fine though cus it ran under a chair near the kitchen, so I thought oh well I won’t see that thing again anytime soon. Cinnamon was on the trail. She followed it across the floor til it went under a chair.

However, later that night, when I was listening to music on my laptop, I looked over at Cinnamon and she was staring at something on the floor.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA By then, I forgot there was a huge cricket on the loose in the house, but Cinnamon sure didn’t. She was watching it run by on the floor. I saw it, too. It was so funny watching Cinnamon watch it, cus it seemed like she wanted to pounce on it. haha As it was coming towards us, I freaked out and tried throwing a kleenex box at it, but that didn’t work. Why do these things happen to me? Why a cricket? Seriously?

I said to Cinnamon, “Kill it kill it!”

She didn’t do anything though, she was just as scared as I was, but she was intent on staring the thing down. I was like yeah, Cinnamon just stare at it that’ll work! Normally, when there’s a bug she acts weird. When she sees a cricket she usually tries to eat it, but not this time.

Then, a few minutes later, I was working on my computer and I saw Cinnamon in the corner of my eye lunging at that cricket, and it was closer to me by then. It was still running on the floor by the couch now. Cinnamon was all over the place. She was trying to eat it with her mouth one second, and the next second she was trying to pounce on it with her paws.

I said, “Yeah, Cinnamon get it get it!”

She was at war with that bug and she was winning, at least I thought she was. Then, all of a sudden Cinnamon stopped, backed up quickly, and stayed there watching and waiting for the cricket to make it’s next move. The cricket was there, I just couldn’t see it. Cinnamon waited it out, but the bug still made no move. Then, we both saw it and it stayed there, so Cinnamon stopped going at it altogether and laid down next to it. I don’t know why she stopped, but I guess the cricket won because it’s gone now and I still have no idea where it is. That sucks! I hope it doesn’t pop out later, or Cinnamon will go at it again. I hope she gets it next time!

All I know is that the cricket was last seen in the living room right in between our couch and a recliner chair. It was standing on top of my sister’s books and papers from school. At least my sister wasn’t there cus she freaks out at this kinda thing more than I do. We’ll be fine though, cus we have Cinnamon to protect us, I think!



Cinnamon & The Remote Controls

Right after I finished watching a movie today, I found Cinnamon on the couch sleeping on top of these two remote controls.

FullSizeRender-1 I was like wow, how did you get into that spot? Plus, she was sleeping on 2 remotes, the one for the TV and the one for the DVD player. I guess she really wanted to watch a movie! Normally, she just sleeps next to the TV remote cus my sister and I leave it on the couch a lot, but this time she had another one: double pillow (even better!).

Sometimes she even accidentally presses the remote too and changes the channel. One time, we were all watching TV and all of a sudden it changed to a Spanish channel and we were like what? It was Cinnamon! She had been laying on top of it and she moved her paw into it while she was stretching.

She’s always doing that and I have no idea why. I mean it doesn’t look very comfortable laying  on top of them like that, but she did it anyways. She is one weird dog!

At this point, I’m thinking Cinnamon would cuddle next to anything. Just the other day, she was sleeping next to my blue wii remote, too. I left it on the couch and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was like where the heck did it go? Then, I find Cinnamon sleeping on top of it. She was using it as a pillow and when I took it away from her she popped her head up at me and was  like hey why’d you do that for, I’m trying to cuddle with it, do you mind? She was angry at me and I was like Cinnamon I’m trying to use this ok, go sleep on a real pillow. I don’t know how many times I’ve told her that and it still hasn’t sunk in. Oh well.

I wonder if Cinnamon does that to me on purpose. It’s hilarious! She even sleeps on top my phone too whenever I put it on the couch. I hate it when she does that cus I can never see it underneath her. She basically puts her whole head on top of it. I bet she secretly waits for me to put it down so she can hide it from me since I take pictures of her all the time. She’s like no more pictures Paula, cuddle with me instead. It’s funny though, cus whenever I lose something on the couch, especially my phone, or my headphones, I always go to Cinnamon first now and check underneath her cus I know she’s sleeping on it.



Cinnamon playing fetch with my mom

So, tonight it was funny cus my mom walked by the living room and Cinnamon came out of nowhere and started playing with her cute Halloween toy. She’s like play with me mommy!

So, my mom picked up the toy from Cinnamon’s mouth and said eagerly,  “Ok Cinnamon go!”

By then, the toy flew towards the door and Cinnamon ran quickly over to get it. Cinnamon was so excited that she ran as fast as she could to the door and grabbed it in her mouth. Cinnamon and my mom did this a few times. It was so funny watching her run back and forth and back and forth through the living room to get her toy. She loves that toy!

She has been playing with it so much lately. I guess she really likes playing fetch, just not the version everybody else plays. See, once she gets the toy, she steals it, and tries running away with it and when that doesn’t work she runs up the stairs, sits halfway up, and starts chewing on it. By then, I just don’t wanna play anymore that’s not fair, but I still do it anyways.

Anyways, after a little while of playing with my mom, Cinnamon walked over to the middle of the living room where my mom was standing, with the dog toy firmly in her teeth, and she flipped over on her back. It was so hiliarous I couldn’t stop laughing.

While I was watching this happen, my sister was too apparently cus she held up her new iPad towards them and said, “Oh, I’ll get a picture of that!”

photo 1-4

Cinnamon just laid there like this for the longest time! My mom had bent down towards Cinnamon and was giving Cinnamon tummy rubs it was so cute! Cinnamon even had the toy in her mouth, while she was flipped over on her back. haha She hardly ever does that when she’s playing with her toy! Normally, she’s running around so much she doesn’t have time to sit upside down like that, but she must’ve really wanted belly rubs from mom. She hadn’t seen my mom all day, so she’s like oh yeah, this is the life! Cinnamon was definately in heaven!

After that, my mom walked off and said, “Ok, Cinnamon, no more. I’m done.”

Cinnamon was like hey where are you going? Cinnamon didn’t want her to leave, so she got up quickly and tried going after her with her toy still in her mouth. What happened next cracked me up! I thought what Cinnamon did earlier was funny enough, but this took the cake.

See, while my mom was going upstairs, she forgot something downstairs, so she quickly went back down and she didn’t see Cinnamon coming right at her with her dog toy, so they crashed into each other. It was so funny! It seemed like I was watching it happen in slow motion!

While Cinnamon was trying to walk in between my mom’s legs, it didn’t work cus my mom didn’t see Cinnamon til it was too late. First they crashed into each other and then my mom almost fell forward while Cinnamon ran away. She’s like ah! I thought my mom was gonna go flying and hit her head. Thank God she’s ok!

It’s funny cus after all of that my sister said, “Aw man I missed it!”





Cinnamon vs. the Big Fat Cat

I was walking around with Cinnamon and everything was fine til she decided to take me through some houses as a short cut again. It was funny, she was pulling me there pretty fast and I had no idea why. I thought she just wanted to pee in a certain spot next to a tree or on the grass, but what she was really after was a cat. Nice!

In fact, we were going at full speed towards the cat, and then she stopped, didn’t move an inch and stared at it from far photo 2-2away. It was a giant, fat cat just sitting there on the sidewalk next to someone’s house taking a snooze. It almost seemed like that cat was bathing in the sun. It looked so lazy and it’s paws were all stretched out. It was hilarious looking at it. Funny thing is, Cinnamon saw it and she wanted to go after it, but that fat cat didn’t even care about Cinnamon. It was just sitting there minding it’s own business.

That cat wasn’t gonna move for anything. It was dead set on sitting there basking in the sunlight on this hot Friday afternoon. Cinnamon had other ideas. It’s funny cus I go through there a lot and I’ve never seen it til today. That’s probably good since Cinnamon wants to run after it and rip it to shreds. It was fat, but it was a pretty colored cat. It looked very fluffy, brown, and white.

There was a moment where I knew Cinnamon was gonna pounce at it so I grabbed her right before she started barking at it and growling. Thank God! I did not want a repeat of what happened with the dog on the loose yesterday.

The second I picked her up, she was calm, but as we walked towards our house, she kept staring at it and she breathed heavily. I could hear her heartbeat going a million miles a minute. I said, man Cinnamon you are insane! Can we just go back without you getting into a war with that cat? I don’t think she heard me one bit when I said that.

As I carried her in my arms, I was just thinking wow Cinnamon you are getting heavy. I couldn’t even walk that far without having to put her on the floor. She’s getting older and bigger now. When we first got her she was such a scrawny little thing and now she’s a lot healthier and stronger. I can feel it in my arms when I carry her. She eats a lot more now than she did before. So, I put her down on the floor and she kept walking back til we got home.

When we got back, I opened the door and my sister was talking on the phone. Cinnamon ran up to her, dooted her on the leg with her nose, and jumped up on the couch waiting for my sister to take off her leash. haha Cinnamon’s like hey stop talking on the phone and help me outta this thing.

That cat wasn’t gonna move for anything. It was dead set on sitting there basking in the sunlight on this hot Friday afternoon. Cinnamon had other ideas. It’s funny cus I go through there a lot and I’ve never seen it til today. That’s probably good since Cinnamon wants to run after it and rip it to shreds. It was fat, but it was a pretty colored cat. It looked very fluffy, brown, and white.

Cinnamon vs. The Huge Dog on the Loose

Today, Cinnamon, my sister, and I went on another crazy walk. Sheesh. I swear weird things keep happening to us.

Anyways, we went walking down the street and everything was going fine. photo-5My sister and I were talking to each other and having a good time and Cinnamon was sticking her nose into the grass every chance she got. Then, all of a sudden, we see this huge blackish grey dog with a red collar running by up ahead.

I said, “Oh on, here we go again!”

My sister said, “Great! Cinnamon don’t bark!”

It was all over by then, Cinnamon didn’t even hear us, she was already standing there staring at it and she wouldn’t budge. The weird thing is, that huge dog was all by itself. There was nobody in sight, well except for this random jogging guy who ran by right as the dog was running by on the other side. I thought that was funny cus he just happened to run by as the dog was running by at the same speed, almost like they were having a race, but that dog didn’t belong to him. As a matter of fact, that guy didn’t even try to help us. He just kept running on by like nothing was going on. Jerk! We needed help.

Anyways, by then my sister and I knew that dog was on the loose! Of course this would only happen to us. All we were thinking was that we needed to get away as fast as possible in case that dog decided to charge at us, but Cinnamon wouldn’t move from that spot. She was staring it down like she was gonna attack it and I was like Cinnamon are you nuts? You can’t go up against that dog it’ll tear you apart limb from limb. She didn’t care!

At that moment, the two dogs stopped and were staring at each other, waiting to make a move. Then, Cinnamon started barking like crazy at it. haha It was hilarious cus when she did it she was running around in circles trying to lunge at it and the other dog was stunned. It just stood there and didn’t do anything. It was so weird. I think Cinnamon gave that dog a run for it’s money. By then, I thought wow that dog may actually be nice, but I didn’t wanna find out and neither did my sister, so we picked up Cinnamon and tried to get the heck outta there as fast as we could.

However, as we started walking the other way, my sister and I saw another huge dog, except this time it was white, fluffy, and had an owner. Plus, Cinnamon didn’t even see it yet cus it was up towards our house, so my sister and I put Cinnamon on the floor and tried getting her to go another way with us, even though she refused to go with us. I was pulling her and she stopped,  planted her feet down and didn’t budge. She’s like I wanna go after that black dog let me go! I can’t believe she still wanted to go after that dog after everything that just happened, but she did.

So, my sister decided to run up ahead and try to get Cinnamon to come with us. It worked! haha I started running towards my sister and so did Cinnamon and we all went another way. Thank God! I don’t wanna do that again!

Cinnamon: I Wanna Go on a Car Ride!

My sister and I wanted to go out for dinner tonight, so we decided to go to Carl’s Junior, which is only about 5 minutes away from our house.  My sister and I were talking about it in the kitchen and Cinnamon happened to be right there by my feet listening in on our conversation. She had this look on her face, like she knew we were gonna go out on a car ride. Cinnamon loves car rides. She’s like I wanna go with you! Please.

It had been a while since my sister and I took her on a car ride so we said loudly, “Hey Cinnamon wanna come with us baby?”

The instant we both said that, she got all excited, wiggled her butt fifty miles an hour, and ran over towards the door. She was waiting for us to get over there to put her leash on. It was so funny! I’ve never seen her run to the door so fast, she was an energizer bunny!

When we finally got the leash on, she was waiting so close by the door, I thought she’d nudge it open with her nose. Then, we were off. My sister opened the door and Cinnamon was already gone! She was running so fast she was gonna take my sister’s arm off and she ran straight to my car. It was so cute! She knows when we’re going on a car ride and when we are just going on a walk. Cinnamon loves walks, but she loves car rides even better. She loves siting in the front seat on my lap or on my sister’s (depending on who’s driving haha) and she loves feeling the cool AC against her face. She loves popping her head out the window and watching people drive by or barks at people as they walk by. It’s hilarious! I think she just likes spending time with us, even though we didn’t really go very far this time.

Anyways, when we were about to get to the car, my sister said, “Hey do you have your keys?’

I laughed and said, “No, I thought you had them!”

My sister thought I was joking around too, but I wasn’t this time. I really didn’t have the keys. Normally, my sister takes them if she’s driving, but she forgot this time. Oh well. So, I ran back inside, grabbed the keys, and rushed back to the car and found my sister and Cinnamon waiting for me by the car. I bet Cinnamon was like where did you go Paula? She’s like come on let’s go let’s go! She was pulling on my sister’s leash towards my car when she saw me coming back.

Then, Cinnamon jumped in my car, and sat in my spot.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I was like Cinnamon where am I gonna sit? So, I gave her a little nudge out of my seat and she went into my sister’s seat instead. Oops! That’s not exactly what I wanted her to do, but it worked she left and I could finally sit down.

When my sister got in the car, she’s like, “Hey, who stole my spot? I need to drive in that spot ya know?” It was so funny cus it looked like Cinnamon wanted to drive the car.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, we got Cinnamon to come over and sit on my lap and she was happy again. When we got to Carl’s Jr. she was sitting and watching us go through the drive thru the whole time. I bet she was wondering what the heck that place was and why we were sitting there at the window for so long. I was too after awhile.

A few minutes later, they gave us our food in a huge bag and Cinnamon was staring at it the whole time. She’s like food food food! She was going sniff sniff sniff.  She’s like Yum, I want some of that! I said, “No way! This is not for you!” Then, I stuck it next to me. She got all disappointed and sad when I did that. I guess she really wanted some fries and a hamburger. I know I did. It smelled great!

When we got back, Cinnamon was all happy that we were back home. She ran inside fast and found my mom in the kitchen.




Cinnamon & Tony

My mom was leaving the house today, but when she got to her car she forgot something and came back. When she came back inside, Cinnamon was so happy to see her again that she jumped up on the couch and waited for some cuddles. She’s like you’re back you’re back!

I thought that was fast, considering my mom was going off to the beach today, haha. She forgot the sunscreen, of course she always forgets something! So, my mom had left the door open a little while she got the sunscreen out of the kitchen. Then, right as my mom was trying to walk out the door, Cinnamon let out this huge bark and started charging towards the door. I was like what the heck are you doing?photo 1-1

My mom said, “Oh, it’s Tony.”

I had no idea what she was talking about so I said, “Who’s Tony?”

My mom said, “Oh, that’s the new puppy that this Asian couple has.”

See they’ve been walking outside with that new puppy Tony and I guess every time Cinnamon sees it she starts barking like crazy at it. I have no clue why she does that, but it was so hilarious cus she was barking through the screen door at it, like that was gonna do any good!

My mom even said that the first time Cinnamon met Tony, she started growling and barking at it. Poor baby, Cinnamon is so weird!  When we saw another lady walking around with a cute little puppy dog in her arms a few weeks ago, Cinnamon didn’t bark at that one. She just tried to jump up that lady’s legs to try to see it and smell it’s butt. When that happened I was like Cinnamon stop, quit it that’s rude! She liked that little puppy for sure, but Tony, no way! I don’t even know why, I guess it’s a mystery, but I still wanna see Tony cus I love meeting new puppies they’re so cute! Cinnamon would probably hate me for that though. She gets so jealous, but I don’t care!