Cinnamon: Of course I wanna go on a walk!

My sister said, “Ok Cinnamon, let’s go! Time for a walk!” However, Cinnamon didn’t move from the spot on the couch she was sleeping in, which was right next to me by the way. Then, I said, “Cinnamon wouldn’t possibly want to go on a walk right now, she just wants to sleep all day and not move from this spot and be lazy all day…”

Then, she popped her head up, spun around,  and made a funny noise at me as if she was saying angrily, “Hey I do wanna go on a walk Paula!” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then, out of nowhere she licked my elbow three times, and dooted me with her nose. She’s like come on Paula come on let’s go!! She was waiting for me to get off my computer and get dressed so we could go on a walk. I was like ok ok hold on for one second. I’m doing something. So, as I said that, she walked over to the bottom of the stairs, stretched out her body, and waited there for me.

She hardly ever does that! Normally, it’s so hard for me to even get her out of the couch to go on a walk in the first place, but not today. Today she was so excited that she even started running around the house fast like an energizer bunny and played with her new dog toy. It was so cute. I don’t know where she gets all of this energy from, but she sure had a lot of it this afternoon. I’m glad because she had a good walk today. She was prancing around outside, all happy!