Cinnamon Home Alone

1001141327-00My sister and my mom went off to church today so they didn’t come back til 4 pm. I was out doing something too. When I came back, Cinnamon was waiting for me to come home. I was trying to put my keys into the door because it wasn’t fitting through the stupid hole and I could hear Cinnamon panting on the other side. When I finally got the dumb thing open, sure enough Cinnamon was right there in front of my face, and she pounced at me. Then, she waited for me on the couch so she could get some cuddles. She’s like, you’re here you’re here! Yipee!!

Thirty minutes later my sister and my mom came back home. Cinnamon went nuts! She started running around by their feet and she dooted them on their arms as they walked into the kitchen. When they got to the kitchen, Cinnamon was sitting at the bottom of our couch. My sister, mom, and I were all talking to each other as they were taking things out of the bags they were carrying.

Out of nowhere, Cinnamon lets out the biggest growl/yelp I have ever heard her make before. We turned around and sure enough Cinnamon was sitting there with this angry look on her face, and she kept making that weird noise. haha It didn’t even sound like her. It sounded like a much bigger dog, like a german shepard or a rotweiller. It freaked me out, but it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s like she was trying to say, “Hey why’d you leave me here alone for so long?” She wanted us to pay attention to her, too, and stop talking with each other. She was so jealous of us. After that, my sister and I went over and we scratched her ears. She loved it! By then, she wasn’t angry anymore, so she fell asleep on the couch and was practically purring.

Earlier, when I left, she did seem really sad to see us all leave. She probably sits by the door the whole time waiting for us to come home and play with her or she sleeps on my mom’s bed. Who knows, I always wonder what she does while I’m away. Guess I’ll never know.