Cinnamon’s Saturday Night Window-Watching

Right before dinner, which was pizza by the way (Yum!), Cinnamon was sitting by the window looking out to the right. I was sitting down at the table making salad, then suddenly my sister said, “Hey Cinnamon what are you looking at?” Cinnamon didn’t answer or move, she just sat there gazing out the window, as if she was in a trance.FullSizeRenderSo, my sister, stood over Cinnamon, peered outside, and sure enough she saw three high school guys throwing a football around. That’s my dog! She must’ve wanted to play with them. I could see it in her eyes, she looked like she wanted to run right through that window, jet across the street, grab that ball in her mouth and chew it. She has one weird, wild imagination!

It’s funny because those guys have never done that before, so no wonder she was watching them for so long. She was so curious! It was cute! Ya see, she usually barks at guys like that and they’d freak out. She must’ve really, really liked them. There’s a first time for everything! A lot of the time, she will sit at the window, especially at night, and stare outside, but when I  see what she’s staring at, there is nothing there. I wonder if she sees things that I can’t? I have no idea, but it’s funny watching her do it.

After sitting there for a little while, Cinnamon gave up in watching them and sat next to the couch, yawned, and fell asleep. I guess she got bored with them. That was fast! Normally, she’ll sit by the window longer, but not this time. She was probably thinking oh well, I can’t play now so better take a snooze.