Cinnamon vs. The Sheep Dog

Last night, my sister and I were having a pretty nice walk with Cinnamon. We were walking pretty fast too! In fact, my sister and i had to sprint just to keep up with her. She gets scared walking around at night in the pitch black, so she walks super fast, looks around her shoulders, and stops fast when she hears a weird noise. Its funny cus last night I had never seen her go so fast before in my life. There was even a few moments where I almost tripped and fell on top of her cus she was walking fast, & then all of a sudden she’d stop all so she could stick her nose in the grass. haha

IMG_0568When we were almost done with our walk, I was thinking ok, wow we are gonna get done with this walk pretty fast. To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to stay outside anymore. I was sweating! It was still so hot outside I wanted to go back inside in air-conditioning comfort. Anyways, as my sister and I were walking down the street, talking to each other, having a good time, Cinnamon started barking. I was like what the heck are you barking at? I couldn’t see a thing, but after a few seconds I saw a cute guy walking with his gigantic, black and white sheep dog. Wow, here we go again! I never know when Cinnamon is gonna go nuts, but she sure did last night! I guess she really doesn’t like big dogs!  It sucks cus I like sheep dogs they’re cute. I wanted to go over and pet it, but Cinnamon had other plans.

She literally did everything to give that dog a piece of her mind. She barked, growled, snarled, tried jumping at that dog as best as she could, but instead she ended up running around in circles! haha My sister and I tried to pick her up (which usually works in times like these), but not this time! She was running around so fast and she was snarling so much I thought she was gonna get off her leash or bite our hands off. She would not let us pick her up!

Finally, I was able to pick her up, but still with her in my arms, she did calm down, but she sure was angry and upset. She wanted me to put her down. She even stared that sheep dog down, like hey u better stay away from me! It was so funny, we had to walk the other way for a bit, wait for her to calm down, and then I put her down on the ground so we could walk home.