Cinnamon vs. the White Baby Gate, the Spider’s Web, & the Blue Cooler

Today Cinnamon was ready to go on a walk with me. At first, I didn’t think she would, cus while I was looking for my other flip flop under the couch I called out her name and I found her snoozing on the couch. She popped her head up staring at me like I just woke her up from a deep sleep or a good dream. She was really out of it. I found my shoe and went to get the leash and sure enough she followed me over there and over to the door, as well.

It’s funny cus she keeps taking me through the same area each time we go on a walk together. We go around the block a little ways and then make short cuts through some houses and come back to the house. It’s not too far, but she took me there twice yesterday. She never does that! She must like going there now. I even tried getting her to go another way, but nope she had her heart set on going that way so we did.

When we were short-cutting through someone else’s house, Cinnamon stopped and saw something strange in front of one of the house’s backyard’s. She’s like what is that thing? Can I eat it? Can I chew on it?

IMG_0569It was a gigantic white baby gate propped up sideways against the brick wall (at least I think it was, it was pretty dusty & hard to see), but she was so interested in it.

She kept going sniff, sniff, sniff. She was so invested in it, I thought she’d never leave. Then, she saw something next to it and sprang after that, pulling my arm (Ow!). I don’t know what she was doing cus I didn’t see anything there, but she was determined to go after it. By then, I had to pull her leash a bit just so she’d keep going with me.

Next, we were in the parking lot and there was this random mini tree, so she went over to it and dug her head into a spider’s web. Nice! IMG_0570She didn’t even care, she went right through it, got it all over her face, went sniff, sniff, sniff, and marked her territory. She’s like I don’t care about spider webs this is my tree, but the funny thing is, back at home even when there is the tiniest spider in the house, she will stare at it, freaking out til I kill it or she’ll pounce on it and try to eat it.

Finally, Cinnamon was so excited cus there was a blue cooler sitting right in front of the mini tree. She was curious, so she slowly went up to it, sniffed the air a few times, and planted her butt down right in front of it. She wanted to stay there! haha I took her away before she could jump up and shove her whole face into it.  I said, “Cinnamon that’s not yours! Let’s go!” She’s like, but I wanna stay! I guess she wanted some food or a nice cool drink in this hot weather we’ve been having, but there wasn’t anything in there! I think my dog is going crazy! Must be the heat! Some adventure, huh?