Cinnamon vs. the Umbrella Lady, the Trash Can, & the Hole

Today, right when Cinnamon and I got out of our house to go on a walk, I was half-way out the door and she started pulling me hard and was barking like crazy. I was like what are you barking at this time? We didn’t even really get out of the house yet and I was trying to close the door. Sure enough, it was a lady with a green umbrella! Of course! Cinnamon is so funny cus for some reason she hates when people carry umbrellas. I have no idea why and its really weird cus it’s not like that lady was gonna attack her with the umbrella or anything, she looked really nice. She stared that umbrella lady down though and the lady didn’t even care, she just kept walking slowly past our house. haha Cinnamon was like hey lady, don’t even come near my house with that thing.

So, first, she started walking towards that lady, then she stopped and wanted to go back the other way. Crazy dog just make up your mind already. So, we went back to the normal way we’ve been going for a few days now. It was fine til she turned around the corner of our last street and started slowing down to a stop. She just stopped. Normally, she’s sniffing around trying to find a good place to pee or poo, but not this time. She walked slowly up the street and kept stopping, and just stood there! I was like, “Cinnamon let’s go! Come on baby!” Yeah, that didn’t work. She stayed there. I don’t know why, but it was very frustrating, so I had to keep pulling her every two seconds to get her to go.

Finally, we got to the end of the street and I decided to keep going on to another street. Cinnamon started going faster so I thought wow she’s gonna keep going on the walk with me! Awesome, but that didn’t last long because we barely went past one house and she stopped again. She stood there, like a deer in headlights staring at something (I have no clue what) and then she pulled me towards some other houses. I was like here we go again! So, we short-cutted through those houses, and ended up walking through a parking lot past a few cars.

When we got to the end of that parking lot there was a car that looked a lot like our neighbor’s car back home, and there was a small house there with a trash can right beside it that looked like our house, but it wasn’t. The funny thing is, Cinnamon didn’t know that. She started walking towards that white car and she walked up to the trash can, stopped, and waited for me to throw the trash away. IMG_0575I couldn’t stop laughing! She had no idea that this wasn’t our house, so I was trying all that I could to tell her, “No Cinnamon! Cinnamon this isn’t our trash can ok. We gotta go!” That didn’t work. She didn’t believe me! She stood there, didn’t move for awhile and insisted that I throw her dog poo bag away, which is great except I didn’t have anything to throw away in the first place.

So, I pulled her hard and she finally came with me to this huge patch of grass we go to a lot. It’s beautiful cus there’s this huge tree in the middle that shades everything around it, so walking underneath it gives one a nice cool breeze. I didn’t have fun enjoying that today because Cinnamon still wouldn’t listen to me.

As we walked out of that patch of nice green grass, Cinnamon stopped, went the other way, and stuck her head in a hole.


By that time, I was done. I mean seriously! She wanted to go inside that weird looking thing and it looked disgusting. There was dust, dirt, a bunch of leaves, but she didn’t care. She was so fixated on it that she wouldn’t move away from it! She didn’t listen to me at all. I tried everything to get her to go back with me. So, I picked her up, took her across the street, and went towards our house.

When we got to the other side I said, “Cinnamon we are going back home!” She sure listened to me when I said that. She knew I meant business. I was so angry at her. That walk was horrible. After that I was like, please don’t let anything else happen on the way back. I was so hot and tired by then I just wanted to crash on the couch. I hope all of our walks aren’t like this. I don’t know how much more of this I can take, but it sure is funny watching Cinnamon do all of this stuff.