Cinnamon the Plant Eating Machine

Today, Cinnamon, my sister, and I went on a walk together. It was fun cus it was cooler outside and so windy that my hair was blowing all over the place (I have long brown, wavy hair so it goes everywhere). Cinnamon took us way back behind some houses that were by a gigantic hill with a fence around it. She felt like sniffing back there I guess. Who knows? It’s fine with me, but it was so hard to fit in between all the shubbery these houses had. Sheesh.  I was wondering why on earth she wanted to go back there in first place. I guess there’s a lot of new sniffs to discover.

I found out pretty soon that she just wanted to stick her whole head in this huge weird looking plant. I don’t know what kind of plant it was, but she was determined to eat it. In fact, she stopped, jerked me around, and started chewing on it the best she could. The funny thing is, she could barely hold onto it with her mouth because it was so windy the plant was blowing back and forth. So, she was moving around with the wind trying to catch it. When she finally did catch one, she was so happy that she started wagging her stubby tail and was eating it.1008141327-00My sister and I thought that was gross, so we tried to get her away from it. She was angry, but she came along with us after a bit of persuasion. Then, the fun continued as we trekked on in our little journey through the unknown.

We only got a little ways, and this huge dog started barking at us. I didn’t see it, but it was very close by in a closed off brick-walled fence, but still it sounded mean. Cinnamon didn’t care, in fact, she didn’t even bark at it or notice it was there because all she was thinking of was another plant.

This time it was a beautiful plant with some purple flowers on it that were waiting there for her to eat.1008141328-00 She wanted this plant so much more than the other plant. I’m telling you it was hilarious because she kept trying to grab a piece of the leaf, not the flower part, but the leaf (Thank God, cus the flowers were pretty). She couldn’t get it though, so she got all disappointed, especially since my sister and I were trying to stop her from eating the dumb thing. We’re like, Cinnamon how many times do we have to tell you not to eat those plants? In one ear and out the other. She would not budge from that spot. In fact, she finally lunged over to it, and got a few pieces to snack on and stood there. By then, my sister and I pulled her hard and left.

I don’t know about you, but I keep thinking one of these days Cinnamon is gonna get really sick after eating all of these different, exotic weeds/plants. I try to keep her away from them and so does my sister, but Cinnamon has a mind of her own. Who knows what she’ll eat next, but I can’t wait to find out!