Cinnamon vs. the Police Car

Cinnamon was ready for a walk today. She was waiting on the couch for me to come downstairs. She was all curled up like a ball near my sister’s purple pillow. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I started walking down the stairs, she popped her head up and stared at me. She’s like, are you ready? can we go? Then, sure enough I said, “Let’s go!” By then, she was up and running towards the door.

As my sister, Cinnamon, and I went on our walk today, everything was going fine til we turned the corner down the street and I saw a police car.

I said curiously, “Hey Emily, look there’s a police car sitting down there. What’s going on?”

She said, “I don’t know let me check it out.”

My sister stopped, stood there, and tried to see where it was and what was going on. As she stood there, Cinnamon was behind my sister standing next to me trying to sniff something in the grass. All of a sudden, Cinnamon was on the move, I didn’t know what she was doing, cus my sister stopped and I wanted to wait for her, but Cinnamon had other plans. She’s so stubborn sometimes!

I guess she really didn’t want to stand there staring off at that police car anymore, so she sped up fast, waited for the right moment, and quickly went past my sister on the left side (there was no space at all, but she did it anyways). It was so funny because while she was making this move, Cinnamon tugged me, and I ran right into my sister.  Cinnamon had somehow gotten past my sister and ran right in front of her so she could be in the front (she loves taking the lead & walking in front of us). Somehow, we got caught in the leash and that’s why I fell into my sister.

After that I couldn’t stop laughing. While I saw it happening it looked like Cinnamon was trying to change lanes on the freeway, my sister wasn’t going fast enough so she went around her caused a crash and went on her merry little way. haha She’s a hit and run kinda dog. She did it right in front a police car, too. Ironic. I bet that police officer saw what happened and started cracking up! I hope nobody else saw that, it was embarrassing!

My sister was angry cus I ran into her all of a sudden and she had no clue what just happened with Cinnamon, so she said, “Ow! What was that for?”

I explained (trying not to laugh), “Hey it wasn’t me! It was all Cinnamon!”

My sister, answered, “Thanks a lot Cinnamon!”

Cinnamon was already long gone and was waiting for us to catch up with her. She didn’t even care that she just did that to us. She’s like can we keep going? Please? Please? Please?

Better watch out for my dog Cinnamon she is very cute, but don’t get in her way, because if you do she will run you over! It seems to me like my sister and I should’ve been more worried about Cinnamon than that police car.