Cinnamon & Elsie

Before Cinnamon and I went on our walk today she waited eagerly by the door while i put my laundry in the washer. I wanted to put in a load before I left. She was like come on let’s go! So, I came over as fast as I could and she was sitting there staring at me. Then, we left.

1008141315-00In an instant, she tugged me over towards the neighbor’s house and I was like what are you doing? Then, I saw Elsie, one of my elderly neighbor’s who lives right next door to us. No wonder Cinnamon was rushing me out the  door so fast, Cinnamon absolutely adores her. I’m telling you she is in heaven whenever she sees her. She instantly runs over to her and waits to be cuddled. She’s like yay yay Elsie’s here, Elsie’s here!

Cinnamon started wagging her tail so fast, and had this huge smile on her face. She was sitting right in front of Elsie getting lots of head rubs! Then, I heard a dog barking and I thought what is that? Sure enough, it was Moti who lives with Elsie next door. Silly dog! She wanted to go over to their house to see her cute white fluffy dog friend. Normally, she just wants to see Elsie for some cuddles, but not this time.

I looked around to see where Moti was and she had been sitting right in front of the screen door of Elsie’s house staring at us. I wonder how long she had been sitting there? I guess she was jealous that we were paying so much attention to Cinnamon than to her, so she walked off before Cinnamon had the chance to say hi.

Cinnamon was sad and looked around for her, she even almost went inside, which wouldn’t have been so good since it’s not our house so I tugged her leash. By then, she stopped where she was and kept looking around for her, but it didn’t work. Moti was long gone by that point. Maybe she was eating her lunch or maybe she was staring at us inside still, hiding from us and watching our every move.

Cinnamon decided to go back outside and jumped on top of Elsie’s lap to lick her face. It was cute! Cinnamon’s getting so tall I thought she would knock Elsie out if she went any higher. I wanted to take Cinnamon on a walk, but that didn’t work. I pulled on her leash so many times, but she wouldn’t come with me.

I even said, “Hey Cinnamon ready for our walk? Ready? Let’s go, baby!” That still didn’t work.

She planted her butt right in front of Elsie and would not budge an inch. She’s like no I don’t wanna go! I don’t wanna go yet? 5 more minutes, please?

So, I was getting frustrated. I was like seriously Cinnamon, we can’t stay here anymore we gotta go. She still wouldn’t budge. Even Elsie tried to help. She only speaks Spanish, but I think that since Cinnamon spends so much time with her she is starting to become bilingual.

In fact, Elsie was saying, “Cinimon, camina? Camina?”

I know some Spanish at least from some classes I took in high school and I know that means “walk” and I actually thought Cinnamon would go with me after that, but no. She still stayed there. So, I tried again.

I tugged her a few times and said, “Cinnamon we can come back here after our walk ok? Let’s go!” Finally, she came with me.

Sheesh she loves that lady so much I think she might actually end up living with her some day if she really wanted to. I wonder if Moti would like that. I don’t think so. Everytime she sees Elsie and Cinnamon together, she growls at her like hey that’s my owner go get your own. It’s funny watching the two dogs going at it trying to get Elsie’s attention.