Cinnamon & My Mom’s Bed

I woke up a little earlier than I normally do today at 9:30 am which is very good for me considering I usually wake up at 10:30. I was so tired I didn’t want to get up, but my alarm was going off. I usually listen to the radio to get me up, but sometimes it puts me right back to sleep. Not today I guess. When I finally got myself out the door, I found Cinnamon waiting for me outside. It was so cute! When she does that it means that my mom and sister must not have been home. She was looking right up at me like yay you’re awake! you’re awake! Pet me! I think she heard my radio on and knew I was gonna wake up pretty soon. She’s pretty smart!I said, “Hi Cinnamon, good morning baby!” By then, she was wagging her tail and I knelt down to give her some cuddles. She loved that!

Next, she followed me to the bathroom and sat right outside waiting for me to come out. I was freshing up a bit and then I came out and I was gonna go downstairs, but Cinnamon was gone. I didn’t know where she was, but I figured she went downstairs and was waiting for me on the couch. That’s what Cinnamon normally does. She can’t wait for me to come out of the bathroom, she’s like you’re not fast enough Paula and then she gets ansy and runs downstairs like a jackrabbit, finds a comfy spot on the couch, & plops down.

Not this time, I went downstairs and checked all her usual spots to see where she was, but no Cinnamon. I was like, “Cinnamon where’d you go?” I mean she couldn’t have gone far. She’s pretty easy to spot, even though sometimes she does blend in with the floor. She’s the kinda dog that has a tan/cinnamon colored type of fur and so does my carpet. haha Just a few days ago, Cinnamon slept on the stairs and she looked so much like the carpet that my mom almost tripped on her as she was walking down the stairs. I saw it happen and I couldn’t stop laughing! She’s like Cinnamon what are you doing here? I didn’t even see you.”

Anyways, I couldn’t find Cinnamon anywhere downstairs, then I knew where she was in an instant. I knew that she had to be in my mom’s room. No questions asked cus whenever my mom isn’t home, she usually sneaks up quietly on my mom’s bed, curls up next to her silky blue pillow and soft covers, and sits there waiting for mom to come home.

Cinnamon loves my mom so much! Everytime my mom’s around she follows her everywhere and watches what she does, even when she’s doing the dishes or going upstairs she is right there with her. She waits to cuddle with her at night in my mom’s chair and gets sad when she has to go up to bed for the night cus my mom won’t let her sleep with her. I don’t even know why cus I love having Cinnamon in my room with me. She doesn’t mind either. She has a cute doggy bed to sleep in and sometimes I let her come up on the bed with me.

So, sure enough I snuck upstairs quietly and found Cinnamon in my mom’s bed! haha I should’ve known the whole time that she was gonna be there. Silly dog! That’s normally the first place I check before I go downstairs and once she’s in my mom’s bed waiting like that, she does not move from that spot. It takes me forever to get her to come down with me.1012140946-00

I went up to her slowly and said, “Hi Cinnamon do you miss mommy? Poor baby.”

She looked up at me with these cute, sad eyes like yes, I do and I’m not moving from this spot til she comes home. Then, she sighed and I started giving her some cuddles and while doing that I played with her ears cus their so long and soft. I was flopping them back and forth. They were sticking out and she looked like a bunny.

By then, I tried one more time to get her up out of that spot. I didn’t want her to stay there all day, besides my mom wasn’t gonna be back til much later, so I got up from the bed fast, walked out the door and said loudly, “Ready Cinnamon! Ready? Ready, set, go!”

At that moment, it turned into a race and she rushed down the stairs, almost ran into me and made me trip, then she ran down into her spot on the couch and waited for me to come down. Man is she fast! I was still going down the stairs and she was already on the couch.

It’s so funny cus whenever Cinnamon does that I take a picture of it on my phone and I show my mom. She always gets angry when Cinnamon goes on her bed, but Cinnamon still does it anyways. haha I wonder how many times Cinnamon does that when we’re all not there in the house. She probably does it all the time!