Cinnamon vs. The Cart & The Lizard

Today’s walk started off pretty great with Cinnamon. She waited for me to get her leash on and we walked around the neighborhood a little ways. It was so beautiful outside today. Not too hot or too cold and there wasn’t a cloud in sight, just complete blue sky. That doesn’t always happen around here. So, we were walking towards the back end of the park, where we go once in awhile. I love going back there because it’s very pretty and there’s hardly anyone who goes back there during the weekdays. Total relaxation, which is what I needed after not getting too much sleep last night.

Anyways, Cinnamon and I were having a great time. She and I ended up underneath this big, beautiful tree for awhile. Cinnamon was going crazy sniffing around for stuff. She also paused for a few moments too cus she thought she heard something in the bushes.

I was like, “Cinnamon what was that?”

She looked up at me and was like, I heard something, in there! in there! So, sure enough she dragged me forward, closer to all of the bushes and walked along them sniffing everything she could to find what she was looking for. haha It was just a couple birds that she kept hearing. There were so many chirping back there, it was really weird. I don’t think Cinnamon liked that very much. Sometimes she will chase tiny birds, other times she won’t care about them at all.

She finally got to the end of the bushes and we were gonna start walking up a somewhat steep hill, then all of a sudden, she saw a cart and it was full of trash from Carl’s Junior!


She’s like whoa what is all of this stuff? Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. I was just trying to get the heck away from it cus it smelled so bad, but she wanted to stay there and eat it. I guess Cinnamon really wanted a free cheeseburger and fries. Ya know, that’s probably what Cinnamon was sniffing for earlier. I thought it was birds, but I guess I was wrong.

I can’t believe how much trash was in that cart. What is wrong with people these days? Seriously, is it really that hard to throw away your trash in a trash can? By then, I just decided to leave, even though I had to tug on Cinnamon a few times to get her away from that cart.

When she finally came with me, things were going great til we got to the top of the hill next to a huge bush. Cinnamon stopped, looked around, and saw a lizard. haha That’s it, it was all over. Cinnamon started growling at it and attacking. She lunged, as I was trying hard to pull her back.Resize_1013141338-00_01

I said, “Cinnamon what are you doing this time? It’s just a lizard. Let’s go!”

Yeah, that didn’t work. I knew it wasn’t going to, but I had to try. See, when Cinnamon sees any kind of lizard (big or small) she hunts out her prey and doesn’t care about anything else til she gets it. There is only one slight problem: the lizard ran off and was long gone by the time she even started jumping at it. That didn’t matter to her, cus she still went closer and closer towards the bushes and wouldn’t budge.

I pulled on her leash so hard a few times and she didn’t come with me. She sucks! Seriously, sometimes I wonder if she can really hear me, or if it goes in one ear and out the other.  Then, she sat down on her butt in the dirt next to the bushes, gave me this look on her face like hey Paula let me go, the lizard is getting away!

That’s it by then, I was done with her. She was going too far. So, I finally got her out of that mess by kneeling down in the dirt, grabbing her, and lifting her out, which wasn’t as easy as I thought. After that, I wanted to get out of there and go home. I tried to get her to keep walking with me. She wouldn’t go! She insisted on going back to get the lizard. She even went past a green trash can to try to get it on the other side of the bushes.IMG_0582

I tugged the leash hard and said, “Uh, Cinnamon, I hate to break it to you, but that lizard is long gone by now.”

She looked up at me and was like but I wanna get it Paula, please? I think she really wanted to eat that lizard. She probably dreams of catching one someday and BBQing it, but I still didn’t let her get it. I don’t like lizards anyway they’re creepy. I’d rather just let them slither away into a bush and go on my merry way.