Cinnamon: Don’t Read Give me Cuddles!

My mom wanted to sit down and have a nice relaxing time on the couch for a bit before she went on a walk with Cinnamon. Cinnamon saw that there was a spot on the couch next to her, so she jumped up and started sleeping next to her, upside-down. It was so cute! My mom started petting her, which she loved!

It was funny cus right when my mom stopped, Cinnamon popped her head up, reached her arms out towards my mom’s elbows, and wouldn’t let her read. She’s like mommy don’t read give me cuddles!

Every time my mom put her hand back on the book, she dooted her with her nose.

She always does that! It’s like she wants non-stop cuddles all the time. When you stop she gets angry and demands more. My mom kept giving her cuddles every so often and then finally my mom stopped, rubbed her arm and said, “Ow, my arm my poor arm!” It was funny hearing my mom say that, cus it’s true! It really does hurt! She still kept giving Cinnamon head rubs anyways.

I don’t know how my mom did it, but she finally was able to start reading her book after starting and stopping on the same page fifty times. It looked pretty uncomfortable. I know I wouldn’t wanna sit that way. My mom ended up holding the book with her left hand, and using her other hand to strategically pet Cinnamon.1014141920-00I was sitting next Cinnamon too while trying to do stuff on my labtop and every time Cinnamon didn’t get tummy rubs from my mom she kicked me in the ribs. All this time I was thinking ow, thanks a lot Cinnamon. That really hurts ya know? It’s not my fault that mom isn’t petting you.  She kept doing it every two seconds and it was driving me crazy. I was like I’m trying to do something on my computer. Do you mind? That didn’t work, she kept doing it.

By then, my mom was so invested in her book that she stopped giving Cinnamon cuddles, so Cinnamon got all disappointed,  got up, stared at me, and got so close to my labtop that I could see her puppy-dog eyes staring at me. I looked at her and instantly I knew what she was doing. She was asking me for cuddles now. So, I was like Oh no Cinnamon, not now! While Cinnamon was doing all of this, I was trying to type this post about Cinnamon bugging my mom, but then Cinnamon started bugging me. Great!

As she laid there staring at me, she dug her nose into my hands a few times and I was like hey quit it! She’s like I’m bored give me head rubs! Please please please? Just a few rubs around the ear will do it.1014141929-00

I said, “Cinnamon stop! Leave me alone. I give you a million head rubs a day, plus belly rubs, and I scratch behind your ears. All I want is one moment to my—Oh, alright. Just one head rub. Just one!”

So, eventually I gave in and gave her some cuddles. Hey I can’t resist those eyes. Once she stares at me with that cute face, it’s all over.