Cinnamon vs. Two Women Walking By

I was enjoying some time on the couch watching a TV show by myself at home. It was fun lounging around doing nothing while my sister and my mom were away tonight. Then all of a sudden Cinnamon gives out the loudest, screeching bark I’ve ever heard. I was so into what I was watching that I jumped and said, “Ah! Cinnamon, you scared the crap out of me!”

Then, I looked around and found Cinnamon sleeping like this by the door:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was like seriously? What are you doing? She didn’t even move. I mean she just laid there on her side. All that time I was thinking, did Cinnamon really do that? It didn’t seem like she even moved from that spot. I was like Oh yeah Cinnamon that’s really scary. Just lay there and scare people with your creepy bark. Even when I came up next to her she stayed in that spot.

She didn’t even bother to stand up, she was acting so lazy. It was kinda pathetic. I guess she was so tired, she didn’t wanna get up this time cus normally when she barks at someone or at a dog or a cat, she goes bananas. She jumps up, runs to the window or to the door and barks or growls at them as much as she possibly can. This time, nothing just one bark. I guess she’s losing her touch. haha

I was curious to see what she was barking at in the first place so I peeked out the window slowly and I started cracking up. First of all, it was very dark and hard to see anything out there, but then as I looked to the left I saw two women walking off into the distance. That’s what she was barking at with that one screeching bark. It was two women that’s it. By the way she was barking, I thought it was something else. She made it seem like there were zombies attacking our home or werewolves or a pack of wild coyotes.

Those women didn’t even do anything they just happened to be walking by and Cinnamon went nuts! I have no idea why she did that, but man with a screeching bark like that I bet those women are long gone by now. I don’t think they will ever come around our house again. They probably got just as scared as I did.

It is funny watching Cinnamon bark at people walking by. She doesn’t even see them when she sits by the door like that, but she knows that they’re there. She’s pretty smart!