Cinnamon: I’m Hungry!

Cinnamon hadn’t eaten her dog food all day, so while Cinnamon and I were cuddling together on the couch tonight, Cinnamon’s belly kept growling. It was so funny! I was like Cinnamon go eat your food!”

So, instead of eating her food she stared at me and her belly kept growling. So, I got up and went over to her dog bowl and picked up a few pieces of her food. By then, Cinnamon came over and stared at me from far away. She’s like what are you doing with my food? Then, I said, “Cinnamon come eat your food! It’s so yummy!” At that moment, I put the food up to my mouth and pretended like I was eating it. I went chomp chomp chomp. Then, I said, “Yum, this is good! Wanna have some.”

She still stood there staring at me, but this time she inched a bit closer and i knew she wanted to have some so I threw a little piece towards her and she started eating it. haha It’s funny cus I kept doing that and got her to get closer and closer to her dog bowl til she finally started eating her food by herself.

I thought that was weird cus normally, Cinnamon eats her food earlier right before dinner and eats the whole thing. This time, she was barely eating any of it at all. Weird, but it was funny trying to get her to eat her food.

After awhile she stopped eating it, and came over to me and I said, “Good girl Cinnamon you ate your food!” When I said that I gave her some head rubs and she was so happy. She jumped back up on the couch and cuddled with me again.

Then, my sister walked by Cinnamon’s dog bowl and said, “Hey, Cinnamon didn’t even eat a lot of her food.”

Sure enough I went over to her dog bowl and found out that she had only eaten about half of it and there was still a lot left. Silly dog! I don’t know why she didn’t wanna eat it it’s her favorite food. Here I was thinking she ate the whole thing and she hadn’t had any of it at all.

A few minutes later, my sister went into the kitchen and Cinnamon popped her head up and listened to what she was doing in there. Then, my sister opened the fridge and said, “Man I’m hungry! What should I eat?”

In an instant, Cinnamon was in the kitchen and was staring up at my sister while she opened the fridge. She’s like I’m hungry, I’m hungry! Food! Food!IMG_0586

It was hilarious cus instead of getting her own food for a snack, she decided to get Cinnamon a snack first. She totally caved! She’s like, “Alright, alright I’ll give you a treat!” Sure enough, she went over to the pile of dog treats in our kitchen (which is kinda up high so Cinnamon can’t get into them), and she opened the bag and Cinnamon was sitting right by her feet, waiting for her to drop a bacon strip on the floor. She loves those! She goes nuts over them! She likes them as much as cheese. When she gets one, she rushes into the living room, and eats it on the carpet really fast. Then, she goes back for more. haha

This time, my sister and I decided to put her second dog treat in her dog bowl so she’d end up eating her other food too and it worked. haha I love it! She’s so cute! She ate the dog treat and then she quickly ate the rest of her food.