Cinnamon vs. the Blender

I was in the kitchen making a chocolate shake in my blender today like I usually do, then when I started blending it, Cinnamon ran around the kitchen freaking out. When I was done, I put my shake in a huge yellow cup and went into the living room. I ended up finding Cinnamon standing on the couch right in front of my sister’s feet. She was demanding to have a spot on the couch quickly cus she was so scared of the blender. She’s like let me in let me in.

My sister didn’t move though cus there wasn’t any space on the couch in the first place. Instead, Cinnamon decided to jump over my sister’s feet with her long legs and somehow ended up stealing my spot on the couch! Silly nut! I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to squeeze herself back behind my pillow and my labtop.1019141540-01

I was like thanks Cinnamon that’s where I was gonna sit. She didn’t even leave me any room!  She just sat there staring at me and trying to hide from the blender! I don’t know why she is scared of the blender in the first place, cus I use it every day and so does my mom. You’d think she’d get used to it by now, but she hasn’t. Normally, she will get so scared of the blender that she will run off in terror and start eating her food in a hurry or she will try to curl up on the couch and wait til it stops. I keep telling her it’s ok, but I guess that doesn’t work. It’s not like the blender is gonna attack her or something it’s just making me a really good shake. She doesn’t see it that way. I think she’d like it better if I didn’t use it at all.

Anyways, right after that happened, I tried sitting down in my spot on the couch, but it was a tight squeeze cus Cinnamon refused to move over. Sheesh, all I needed was a little space on the couch and she wouldn’t budge. Finallly, Cinnamon moved over a bit cus she was squished too and then I drank my shake.

When I was done with it, I had nowhere else to put my cup so I put it right in front of Cinnamon. A few moments later, she popped her head up and moved her head right next to it! She was cuddling with it! I couldn’t stop laughing! All I was thinking was why she was sleeping next to my cup when it had the shake I made in the blender that she hates so much.

It got even funnier later, cus while she was fast asleep she knocked the cup over the edge of the couch ever so slightly with her paw. I was like No! It hit the ground and started rolling across the floor. Thank God it didn’t have anything left in it or I’d have a huge chocolate mess to clean up. Cinnamon didn’t care though she was sound asleep and happy that the blender wasn’t on anymore.