Cinnamon & Tony

My mom was leaving the house today, but when she got to her car she forgot something and came back. When she came back inside, Cinnamon was so happy to see her again that she jumped up on the couch and waited for some cuddles. She’s like you’re back you’re back!

I thought that was fast, considering my mom was going off to the beach today, haha. She forgot the sunscreen, of course she always forgets something! So, my mom had left the door open a little while she got the sunscreen out of the kitchen. Then, right as my mom was trying to walk out the door, Cinnamon let out this huge bark and started charging towards the door. I was like what the heck are you doing?photo 1-1

My mom said, “Oh, it’s Tony.”

I had no idea what she was talking about so I said, “Who’s Tony?”

My mom said, “Oh, that’s the new puppy that this Asian couple has.”

See they’ve been walking outside with that new puppy Tony and I guess every time Cinnamon sees it she starts barking like crazy at it. I have no clue why she does that, but it was so hilarious cus she was barking through the screen door at it, like that was gonna do any good!

My mom even said that the first time Cinnamon met Tony, she started growling and barking at it. Poor baby, Cinnamon is so weird!  When we saw another lady walking around with a cute little puppy dog in her arms a few weeks ago, Cinnamon didn’t bark at that one. She just tried to jump up that lady’s legs to try to see it and smell it’s butt. When that happened I was like Cinnamon stop, quit it that’s rude! She liked that little puppy for sure, but Tony, no way! I don’t even know why, I guess it’s a mystery, but I still wanna see Tony cus I love meeting new puppies they’re so cute! Cinnamon would probably hate me for that though. She gets so jealous, but I don’t care!