Cinnamon: I Wanna Go on a Car Ride!

My sister and I wanted to go out for dinner tonight, so we decided to go to Carl’s Junior, which is only about 5 minutes away from our house.  My sister and I were talking about it in the kitchen and Cinnamon happened to be right there by my feet listening in on our conversation. She had this look on her face, like she knew we were gonna go out on a car ride. Cinnamon loves car rides. She’s like I wanna go with you! Please.

It had been a while since my sister and I took her on a car ride so we said loudly, “Hey Cinnamon wanna come with us baby?”

The instant we both said that, she got all excited, wiggled her butt fifty miles an hour, and ran over towards the door. She was waiting for us to get over there to put her leash on. It was so funny! I’ve never seen her run to the door so fast, she was an energizer bunny!

When we finally got the leash on, she was waiting so close by the door, I thought she’d nudge it open with her nose. Then, we were off. My sister opened the door and Cinnamon was already gone! She was running so fast she was gonna take my sister’s arm off and she ran straight to my car. It was so cute! She knows when we’re going on a car ride and when we are just going on a walk. Cinnamon loves walks, but she loves car rides even better. She loves siting in the front seat on my lap or on my sister’s (depending on who’s driving haha) and she loves feeling the cool AC against her face. She loves popping her head out the window and watching people drive by or barks at people as they walk by. It’s hilarious! I think she just likes spending time with us, even though we didn’t really go very far this time.

Anyways, when we were about to get to the car, my sister said, “Hey do you have your keys?’

I laughed and said, “No, I thought you had them!”

My sister thought I was joking around too, but I wasn’t this time. I really didn’t have the keys. Normally, my sister takes them if she’s driving, but she forgot this time. Oh well. So, I ran back inside, grabbed the keys, and rushed back to the car and found my sister and Cinnamon waiting for me by the car. I bet Cinnamon was like where did you go Paula? She’s like come on let’s go let’s go! She was pulling on my sister’s leash towards my car when she saw me coming back.

Then, Cinnamon jumped in my car, and sat in my spot.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I was like Cinnamon where am I gonna sit? So, I gave her a little nudge out of my seat and she went into my sister’s seat instead. Oops! That’s not exactly what I wanted her to do, but it worked she left and I could finally sit down.

When my sister got in the car, she’s like, “Hey, who stole my spot? I need to drive in that spot ya know?” It was so funny cus it looked like Cinnamon wanted to drive the car.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, we got Cinnamon to come over and sit on my lap and she was happy again. When we got to Carl’s Jr. she was sitting and watching us go through the drive thru the whole time. I bet she was wondering what the heck that place was and why we were sitting there at the window for so long. I was too after awhile.

A few minutes later, they gave us our food in a huge bag and Cinnamon was staring at it the whole time. She’s like food food food! She was going sniff sniff sniff.  She’s like Yum, I want some of that! I said, “No way! This is not for you!” Then, I stuck it next to me. She got all disappointed and sad when I did that. I guess she really wanted some fries and a hamburger. I know I did. It smelled great!

When we got back, Cinnamon was all happy that we were back home. She ran inside fast and found my mom in the kitchen.